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The Weird Presidential Campaign of Marie Elizabeth Davis

In recent days, a curious string of independent expenditures has been filed at the Federal Election Commission, supporting a presidential candidate I’ve never heard of before. Indeed, the FEC appears to have never otherwise heard of this candidate, either.

The candidate in question: Marie Elizabeth Davis

This morning, the FEC shows an independent expenditure report filed by Marie Davis, in the function of Treasurer, on behalf of a company called Power Wheels Remote Control on “Mac Author Boulevard” in Irvine, California. The spending of $42,000 is said to have happened, twice, by the Power Wheels Remote Control, paying $42,000 twice to BMW dealership in Sacramento, California. The spending at the BMW dealership was done, the report says, in order to support the Marie Davis for President campaign.

I can’t find any evidence that any company, or any other entity, under the name Power Wheels Remote Control actually exists in Irvine.

Another filing this morning reports that Power Wheels Remote Control, in order to support Marie Davis for President, spent $150 with Health Level Seven. Health Level Seven is an organization that specializes in writing standards for medical records systems.

Earlier this week, a filing made on behalf of Cape Fox Professional License reported a payment of $780 to the Federal Communications Commission to support the Marie Davis for President campaign. The same filing also reported an expenditure of $160 from Cape Fox Professional License to Tych Media to support the Nito Parra for President campaign.

There is no other record of the existence of a company or committee called Cape Fox Professional License. There is no such company as Tych Media. There is no record at the FEC of a presidential candidate named Nito Parra.

The FEC, when one searches for the name Marie Davis, automatically populates a search with the code (P60022415), but then comes up empty, suggesting that Marie Davis was once assigned status as a presidential candidate, but then lost that status with the FEC. The most common reason for losing status as a presidential candidate registered with the FEC is the failure to properly fill out paperwork.

What’s the explanation for these filings? Performance art? Wikileaks encoded data dump? Chinese hackers? Spambot gone awry? FEC hackers? Schizophrenia?

2 thoughts on “The Weird Presidential Campaign of Marie Elizabeth Davis”

  1. Dave says:

    Looks like an attempt to spend “campaign funds” on themselves in a tax exempt manner. Seems the abundance of paperwork helps to weed out non-serious contenders.

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