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Update On Making America Great Again

Nine days ago, I wrote about the creation of Making America Great Again, a super PAC put together by Julie Sheehan, a real estate agent from the financially and ethnically elitist town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The political action committee is dedicated to supporting the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

The United States is a big country, and so, Making America Great Again should take a lot of money. However, at the time of that initial article, the Making America Great Again PAC had been around for just a few days, and so had little opportunity to file fundraising paperwork with the FEC. So, I decided to check back in this morning, to see what Julie Sheehan and her Great super PAC have been up to.

What I discovered is that Sheehan has mostly been sitting on her hands.

With just 81 days to go before Election Day, Julie Sheehan and the Making America Great Again PAC have raised no money and spent no money. They’ve done nothing to actually support Donald Trump.

Perhaps this is all some kind of performance art, in which we, the American audience, realizes that the best way to Make America Great Again is to do nothing at all, because, deep down, America already is great, and we only need to become aware of that greatness again.

Alternately, Julie Sheehan and her PAC are unprepared to do what it takes to actually Make America Great Again.

The coming weeks will tell. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for greatness from Julie Sheehan, and update you if anything happens.

UPDATE: As of September 28 – weeks and weeks after this article was written, and months after the Making America Great Again PAC was formed by Julie Sheehan, the fundraising organization has yet to either raise or spend any funds at all.

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