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Common Sense Leadership For America Abandons Common Sense To Support A Partisan Crusade

The term common sense is supposed to refer to ideas that are so self-evident that the majority of people can easily agree upon their validity. Ideas that are shared only by a particular portion of the population don’t count as common sense.

So, looking at a group that calls itself Common Sense Leadership For America, we’d expect to see that group promoting a common ground vision. The track record of the the Common Sense Leadership for America political action committee shows exactly the opposite. The PAC turns out to be highly partisan in its activities, with 80 percent of its spending for the 2016 cycle going to defeat Democratic candidates for federal office. The group hasn’t spent any money at all to oppose even one Republican candidate for federal office.

The positions taken by the Common Sense Leadership For America PAC don’t match a consensus of American political opinion. These include:

– Opposing action on climate change
– Protecting tax loopholes that encourage corporations to send American jobs overseas
– Restricting the amount that wealthy Americans pay into the Social Security trust fund
– Blocking funding for high quality child care and pre-kindergarten education

Who exactly is promoting such a pro-corporate, anti-education, anti-worker agenda? The main backers of the group are a couple from Houston, Texas, Laura and John Arnold. John Arnold is a billionaire who made a big pile of money squeezing investors through his hedge fund. His idea of contributing to society was to retire from work at the age of 38. The Arnolds have personally profited from the pollution of the Earth by the burning of fossil fuels. He was born rich, but increased his financial power as a trader with the corrupt energy company Enron.

If the Common Sense Leadership For America PAC is going to try to buy influence to warp the fabric of American democracy, it could at least give a more honest label for its activities. Given the group’s highly partisan, wealth-obsessed, pro-GOP character, it might accurately rename itself the Right Wing Sense Of Leadership By Corrupt Financial Elites For America PAC.

What do you think the chances are that the organization will adopt this identity?

2 thoughts on “Common Sense Leadership For America Abandons Common Sense To Support A Partisan Crusade”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    So, what do you think about the Establishment promoting socialized medicine as the “Affordable Care Act”?

  2. james davisson says:

    Common sense seems to be elusive.

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