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How The State Of New Mexico Is Funding The Republican Party

Not too long ago, Western Refining was given $2,104,686.00 in subsidies by New Mexico taxpayers to set up a crude oil refinery outside the town of Gallup. In return, Western Refining used three quarters of that money to…

…make a huge donation to the Republican Party. In the 2016 election cycle, Western Refining is the fourth largest contributor to committees of the Republican Party, having donated $1,592,800.00 to the GOP so far.

New Mexico has many other expenses than paying off corporations like Western Refining, of course. Among these expenses are the huge mitigation projects that New Mexico has begun in order to deal with the climate crisis. New Mexico is already suffering from less water, increased insect infestation, more wildfire damage, and worse heat waves. New Mexico ranchers have had to kill off herds as a result of increasing droughts, and the state’s water table has fallen by hundreds of feet. The state is spending money on infrastructure to deal with the impact of climate change, building new roads and bridges to serve as routes of evacuation during climatological emergencies, and has constructed a Climate Hub in Las Cruces to help farmers and ranchers who are struggling to deal with the impact of climate change.

Within the next 14 years, losses in crop production are expected to cost New Mexico $30 million per year. Residential air conditioning costs are already on the rise, and are expected to skyrocket by $310 million per year. Economic damage in New Mexico due to water loss alone is estimated to be around $300 million every year.

Yet, the state of New Mexico found over $2 million for subsidies to Western Refining, a company that prepares 242,500 barrels of crude oil to be burned every day. That burning oil sends huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the planet’s atmosphere, significantly expanding the economic climate crisis that New Mexico is already suffering from.

Western Refining apparently doesn’t need the subsidies from New Mexico. The Republican Party is happy to take that money from Western Refining, and to use it to support congressional candidates who claim that climate change isn’t happening at all.

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