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Don’t Envy What People Have. Emulate What They Did To Have It!

Author Tim Fargo has this advice for Americans: “Don’t envy what people have. Emulate what they did to have it.”

I won’t envy the hundreds of millions of dollars that Donald Trump has. I’ll emulate his path to success by being born to a multimillionaire businessman with extensive corporate and political connections.

I won’t envy the $33.7 billion fortune that Jim Walton gets to play around with. I’ll emulate how he got that fortune by inheriting a nationwide big box store chain from my father, and then paying employees so little money that they have to pay for government assistance in order to survive. Also, I’ll arrange to have almost all the store’s merchandise made in overseas sweatshops that pollute the environment, support autocratic regimes, and pay their employees even less than I pay mine.

I won’t envy Charles Koch for his billions of dollars either. I’ll just emulate what he did to get so rich. I’ll arrange to be born into an extremely wealthy household, and then inherit an oil company from my father.

Thanks, Tim Fargo, for showing me that there’s no point in envying the money that rich people have. I just needed to realize that the only thing that made these rich people different from me is that I’m too lazy to be born into the right family. That weakness of mine won’t change until I accept responsibility for it.

Time to sweep that floor, which is not at all what Donald Trump, Jim Walton, or Charles Koch did to get rich, but people like me who aren’t rich should do extra work as penance to make up for our poor moral choices of being born into the wrong families, don’t you think?

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