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Furries For Trump And The Limits Of Ambiguity

We’ve written about them before: Furries are people who like to put on cartoonish furry suits with a blended human and animal appearance. They meet in costume and have fun doing stuff together in character. Many people focus on them having sex with each other while in costume, but that’s not all there is to the furry lifestyle. It’s sexually charged but not all about sex, it’s about animal but also being a bit human, it’s about being in costume whil also being something that you feel is closer to your true self.

Being a furry is about living ambiguously and playfully. Being a furry requires freedom.

So, what’s up with Furries for Trump?

Donald Trump doesn’t support Liberty for cultural minorities in the United States. He doesn’t support freedom of speech and association. He certainly doesn’t represent an embrace of ambiguity. Yet, for all of this year, Furries For Trump groups have been actively speaking out.

Just what they’re trying to say when they speak out isn’t so clear. The Furry ambiguity is thick in Furries for Trump. It’s not quite clear that Furries for Trump actually supports the Trump for President campaign. On the other hand, it’s also not quite clear that Furries for Trump opposes the Trump for President campaign.

Sometimes, Furries for Trump seems to be tongue-in-cheek, making fun of Donald Trump.

Furries for Trump weird Bernie Sanders

At other times, Furries for Trump seems to be in earnest.

Trump Furries

Furries for Trump embodies the Furry love for ambiguity, hopping and skipping along the border between different ideas. Ordinarily such ambiguity can help our culture stretch to embrace new ideas. In this case, though, the ambiguous pose looks incoherent. Elections aren’t great opportunities for artistic expression, because they’re events that require decisiveness. Our democracy challenges us to figure out what ideals we stand for, and requires us to be responsible.

If the presidential election was a contest between two competent, amiable, sensible, well-liked candidates, some playful ambiguity would provide a bit of harmless fun with no harm done. The 2016 presidential election is not such a contest. Donald Trump has offered a furious vision of a brutal America with an autocratic government willing to torture, execute, imprison, harass and generally persecute anyone that it views as a threat.

The stakes are too high in 2016 for sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek political expressions. There’s too much at stake. Now is a time that requires Americans, Furries included, to be in earnest. It’s time to stand up straight and say what you believe in, without winking, without irony, without double meaning, without ambiguity.

6 thoughts on “Furries For Trump And The Limits Of Ambiguity”

  1. John says:

    Yeah you go furries!!!!! Trot, gallop, hop, crawl right on over with the rest of the libtard camp. There anything goes! And I do mean anything! Including the destruction of our country! Yay! Isn’t that awesome! You can vote for a candidate that has been using her position in government to hand out everything from national secrets, to American jobs!!!! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?
    Hey I thought irregular times was libertarian? Is Hillary your fallback because your candidate didn’t make it….AGAIN? Funny, with all the TONS of hilarious, nepharious, and otherwise diabolical news being given almost daily to us by the Clinton camp, you would think you might do some stories on it once and a while. Especially considering the fact she isn’t even in your party! Something smells funny here. Oh well, maybe one of your new Furry buddies micturated on your rug……. You could always just pander to the people who like to drink urine to solve that problem in the future and who knows? Maybe even get your true candidate HILLARY a few more votes… LOL

    1. gloria mcmillian says:

      This is a very far left liberal outlet that is so far left it is falling off the cliff. Disgusting. This irregular times is time to cut it off.

      1. John says:

        I TOTALLY AGREE. It’s a progressive leftist propaganda trash blog. I’m gonna stick around though to see how long before they block me from making comments 😉

  2. Ronnie alvarez says:

    Tear that fuckn shit down, you I’m a furry hispanic. Furfags supporting for trump, I know that gays are supporting this white trash. Yiff in hell bitches for voting for this piece of shit, america well be our downfall, and any Latinos who support this guy are traitors. One gay Latino trump support got his as beat up by Mexicans and it turns out that he was gay, I don’t hate gays but I dislike trump supporters.

  3. Nex says:

    Hey, just to put things further into perspective; trump is a full capitaist which means he is going to do whattever it takes to get thing accomplished no matter how sinister and clinton is almost as bad… except she is actually more morally corrupt. Don’t know where yall (you all for anyone outside the southeast) are from, but the Mississippi fur scene is not exaxtly prominent ie you are not likely to see fursuited fellows flolickin about. We have a lot of poor and unemploid, which creats bad spots which spill over into otherwise good areas, such as drugs, violence, gangs,etc.That being said, it is primarilly due to so- called liberalists and fools who are making a lifelong carrier out of politics who do whatever they think will get more votes, non of them seem to actually give a darn and most of them have not had an actual job outside politics for a long time ( if ever). Sooo, knock me if you want, trump has spent most of his life working outside politics, seeing the consequences of our leaders as a white collar industrialist. Clinton has spent most her life as a white collar con. I will vote trump. I may have to pack my 1911 when in fursuit, but at least trump does not want to take my equalizer away. Nobody wants to be a lone furry againts two or more thugs.

  4. roy says:

    Its photoshop of an idiot

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