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Conservatives Not United In 2016

Yesterday, the Conservatives United Conservatives United political action community filed a 24 hour report indicating that it had spent over ten thousand dollars on advertising and telephone calls to oppose two congressional candidates in the 4th congressional district: Hans Tanzler and Lake Ray.

Why would Conservatives United oppose Tanzler and Ray? Was it because conservative voters were united against Tanzler and Ray? No, Hans Tanzler and Lake Ray both described themselves as conservative. Tanzler and Ray were both Republicans, and were joined by four other Republican candidates to oppose John Rutherford, the Republican candidate who won yesterday’s GOP primary in Florida’s 4th congressional district. All these candidates were claiming to be conservative, and accused each other of not being conservative enough to merit the Republican nomination.

So, actually, by attacking two conservative candidates to help another, the Conservatives United PAC was helping to divide conservatives in Florida’s 4th congressional district. They’re Conservatives Broken Apart.

This leads us to court the most important point. When so many Republicans can disagree with each other so I prefer not conservative, we can see that there is no such thing as a conservative anymore. It’s become a nonsense word. The disunity among Republicans in Florida represents a larger, national disunity among all Republicans. Conceptually as well as practically, Donald Trump has led the Republican Party to a bitter end.

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