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Trump Gets Hairy Lip At Minnesota State Fair

Breitbart, an extremist nationalist web site that has become in essence an extension of the Donald Trump for President campaign, expressed excitement yesterday about the possibility that Trump might win the state of Minnesota. Breitbart writer Matthew Boyle closed his left eye to read the tea leaves in the bottom of his cup, and wrote breathlessly that Clinton campaign chief Robby Mook went to the Minnesota State Fair himself this week. It was a sign, Boyle said, a sign! Boyle wrote, “That Mook would spend valuable time in Minnesota is telling about how the Clinton campaign, while publicly bold and strengthened by a permanent political class backing media establishment that has essentially written Trump off, is telling.”

It’s telling, you see. Telling what? Well, it’s telling.

I visited the political booths at Minnesota State Fair myself last night, to see what people might tell me of the presidential campaigns there. The Democratic Party booth was wide open with a positive confidence, while the people at the Libertarian booth seemed happy that anyone at all would talk to them. The Minnesota Republican Party booth was a long and lean, with a few people in the back who were eager to tell about the “dark days” America is now seeing, “with all these Islamic immigrants we have to deal with”, shouting “Make America great again” to anyone within earshot.

“There’s no economic growth in America anymore,” one Republican volunteer told me. ” this is not the strong economy that Ronald Reagan left us with.” Actually, the United States slid into economic recession after years of Ronald Reagan’s supply side economics.

Hillary Clinton prison stripes  Minnesota State fair fairThe most striking thing about the booth run by the Minnesota Republican Party was the display, placed prominently at the very front of its territory, was the cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton wearing a striped jumpsuit, the costume of a prisoner convicted of a terrible crime. Of coarse, Hillary Clinton has not been prosecuted for I need suspected criminal activity, but that didn’t stop the Minnesota Republican Party booth at the state fair from selling and orange T-shirt featuring the slogan “Hillary for Prison in 2016.”

The Democratic Party of Minnesota did not place any such displays at its booth at the fair. In fact, the booth did not have any display regarding Donald Trump at all. It’s simply promoted the candidates of its own party including, of course, the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

I can’t say for sure who will win the Electoral College votes coming from Minnesota. One sign at the booth of the Minnesota Republican Party was, however, as Matthew Boyle would say, telling. The cardboard cutout of Donald Trump had been to face. Somebody had taken a black magic marker and draw a mustache on Mr. Trump’s upper lip. This insult to the Trump campaign had taken place in plain view of everybody at the booth, but the Minnesota Republicans didn’t even bother to take the cutout down.

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