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Qualitatively and Quantitatively, Minneapolis’ Little Mogadishu is no Hotbed of Crime

Last night, Irregular Times writer Rowan visited “Little Mogadishu,” the neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN with the greatest density of Somali immigrants in the United States.  Rowan wanted to see what all the fuss was about, given racists’ declaration that the place must be some hotbed of wild crime.  What Rowan saw was a peaceful, calm city neighborhood.

What Rowan has demonstrated qualitatively, the Minneapolis police corroborate quantitatively.  Using the RAIDS database of police reports on crime in Minneapolis, I’ve generated a heat map of all reported crime from January 1 2016 through September 1 2016 (that’s today), in which the “hottest” colors shows the area with the highest rates of crime.

Here are the bounds of the neighborhood of Little Mogadishu:

Neighborhood bounds of Minneapolis'

Here are the crime hotspots of Minneapolis in 2016 to date:

RAIDS police data on crime hotspots in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the year of 2016 do NOT include the neighborhood of Little Mogadishu

The two areas are not the same.  If the alt-right racists of America were interested in facts, this would be enough for them to stop denigrating the neighborhood.  Of course, it isn’t, because the alt-right racists of America are more interested in stoking their feelings than examining reality.  They’ll find some cock-eyed way to keep the hate going, facts (and good-hearted people) be damned.

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