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Virginia Foxx Celebrates Company That Sends American Jobs Overseas

This week, U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx stood up on the floor of the House of Representatives and celebrated the 10th anniversary of Hanesbrands becoming a publicly traded corporation. “Today,” Foxx spat into the microphone, “HanesBrands is celebrating its 10th anniversary as an independent publicly traded company, which is the largest basic apparel company in the world!”

What Foxx didn’t say was what happened after Hanesbrands became a publicly traded company: In order to make its new shareholders happy, the clothing company, which includes the Hanes, Champion, Playtex, Bali, Leggs, Just My Size, and Maidenform brands, closed down factories in the United States and outsourced the work to overseas factories, in countries with autocratic governments, with weak labor laws, and dirty environmental records.

Some of Hanes manufacturing now works under the rules of countries like Vietnam, where workers aren’t allowed to form their own labor unions, but are forced to work under the bad deals brokered by official unions approved by the pro-business “Communist Party”. Other Hanesbrands jobs went to China, where yet another pro-business “Communist Party” rules with an iron fist.

When Virginia Foxx celebrates the move by Hanesbrands to become a publicly-traded corporation, she celebrates the replacement of American jobs with jobs overseas in countries that proudly call themselves “Communist” while actually engaging in the worst kind of corrupt capitalism.

Will the voters of North Carolina’s fifth congressional district allow Virginia Foxx to get away with this insult to working Americans, or will they see through Foxx’s charade, and lend their support to the alternative, Josh Brannon?

4 thoughts on “Virginia Foxx Celebrates Company That Sends American Jobs Overseas”

  1. Jon sanders says:

    Point well taken. An area of off-shore production I have always been interested in is the concept of “sweatshops”. The negative aspects of these manufacturing facilities (and the people who are employed there) are more often than not compared to our way of life and our work standards. Using this comparison, these foreign workers and facilities usually come out on the short end. Every so often I will read an article that compares the lot of a worker in a US headquartered foreign branch facility with the lot of a similar worker in an in-country headquartered company doing the same thing. Most often, the worker in the US facility is much better off than the local worker, both in pay and working conditions. I recall reading awhile ago about how Vietnam Nam was suffering a shortage of professionals because they were better off, overall, working for Nike, Hanes, Apple, et al, than being doctors, engineers, CPA’s etc.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Can you find any source, Jon, stating that Vietnam has many people who could become doctors, but are choosing to work for American corporations as physical laborers in manufacturing plants instead because the pay and conditions in those factories are so attractive? I can’t find a single article that suggests any such thing.

      What Forbes, a strongly ideological pro-business site, says on the matter is that Vietnam has a shortage of doctors because years of war with France and the United States sapped the country of the class of educated families for generations, and continuing poverty after these wars has made the redevelopment of higher level education there extremely difficult.

      1. Jon sanders says:

        The articles I read, quite some years ago, are long gone from my resources now. Their thrust, however, was not regarding younger folks who were choosing to work for Nike et al instead of pursuing professional careers. Rather, the articles concerned people already professionals (mainly MD’s as I recall) who could have more income working for a US foreign manufacturing facility than earning a living in their chosen profession. I agree about FORBES. Too rightwing for my tastes. Switched over to FORTUNE some time ago.. Magazine is business-based, but much more objective.

  2. longtail says:

    You are vastly overestimating Ginny Foxx. Even in her prime she absolutely no clue what was going on. I suspect she didn’t have the vaguest idea what she was celebrating. She is, however, a safe conservative vote in the House like so many other clueless individuals.

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