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“Dr. Frank Holland” Cannabis Oil Scam Artists’ New Low: Stealing an Actual Cancer Patient’s Story to Sell Junk

Let me be frank: I’ve seen a lot of bullshit used to sell cannabis oil.

Most of the cannabis oil scammers purchase pre-written snippets of text to cut and paste into Facebook, Twitter and other forums.  These snippets are attached to various fake names and each claims some kind of miracle recovery from cancer after the use of cannabis oil.  The snippets invariably end with the inclusion of an e-mail address from which desperate readers can buy some great, wonderful, miraculous cannabis oil.  The people who buy these snippets of text to sprinkle around the web are typically not clever enough to notice that other people are using the exact same snippets with the exact same stories but featuring multiple different names.  This is the dead giveaway to you and me that the snippets are made up, fictional, fraudulent bullshit.

As you can tell, I have no patience for this kind of dirty business, mostly because it’s trying to take advantage of people with cancer who are already suffering, scared, and desperate and suck them dry of their money.  That’s pretty low.

It’s especially low considering that no, cannabis oil does not cure cancer. It’s wasting sick people’s precious time and money.

But tonight, I’ve seen the cannabis oil scam fall to an even lower level than before.

Tonight, someone calling themselves “Julie Jenney” tried to post this message to Irregular Times:

“My journey with breast cancer started in November 2004. I was devastated, scared and numb when I found out I had cancer. At the time, I was 48 and thought that I was healthy.

“I immediately started researching doctors and treatments. I found a surgeon near my home outside of Savannah, Georgia to remove the tumor. After the surgery, I consulted with a local oncologist and radiologist. The doctors were so impersonal. They didn’t want to listen to a word I was saying. They wanted to put me in one of those cookie-cutter scenarios. There were no other options for me. They just wanted to cut, radiate and do the chemo. I felt with the way they were conducting business, I had to get a second opinion.

“i also had to use my time and energy to go on line and browse about breast cancer and i saw different testimony on how cannabis oil had cure so many breast cancer i had no option i went on line to apply for the cannabis oil true [email redacted], since when i started taken the drugs i had a good improvement and have been getting better thanks to [email redacted].”

Oh, what a sweet, dear story. Good thing “Jenny” got cannabis oil to save her, right? WRONG. This is a fake, and the fake is twisted.

Do you notice how the third paragraph’s text is written completely differently from the first two paragraphs’ text? There’s the first sign of a scam. It turns out the first two paragraphs of the testimonial aren’t describing the life of “Julie Jenney” at all. They are taken, word for word, from the true story of Audrey Allen. The third paragraph is just tacked on.

What do you think of that? Not only is this scammer trying to make money selling bogus non-working cures to desperately ill people, s/he is doing it by stealing the actual story of another desperately ill person.

The only way to stop the cannabis oil scam is to hit back, and the best way to hit back is to spread the word:

1. No, cannabis oil does not cure cancer.
2. The stories we see circulating that describe supposed “miracle cures” using cannabis oil are demonstrated fakes.
3. The scammers who write these fakes are stealing stories from actual cancer patients and twisting them to a dirty end.

There’s the story. Spread the word and stop this horrible, no-good, dirty, low-down scam from hurting another sick and desperate cancer patient.

P.S. I took out the e-mail address from the fake stolen scam message, but I’m not going to spare the name of the beneficiary of this scam from being named. I’m going to name “Dr. Frank Holland.” Either someone is using the name of “Dr. Frank Holland” without his permission, in which case he needs to know this so he can find and sue the bejeebers out of the scammers (IP address… or “Dr. Frank Holland” is actually in on the scam, in which case he needs to be publicly shamed.

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