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Oh look. Yet another record hot month for the globe.

Yes, August 2016 was the hottest August on record around the globe, according to the NASA’s Goddard Institute temperature record.

Just like July 2016 was the hottest July on record.

Just like June 2016 was the hottest June on record.

Just like May 2016 was the hottest May on record.

Just like April 2016 was the hottest April on record.

Just like March 2016 was the hottest March on record.

Just like February 2016 was the hottest February on record.

Just like January 2016 was the hottest January on record.

Just like 2015 was the hottest year on record… until 2016 came around.

There can’t be a single national leader willing to keep denying that global warming is real, can there?

Yes, there can. He’s the Republican Party nominee for President. He calls global warming a “hoax.”

And nearly half of Americans are planning on voting for him.

9 thoughts on “Oh look. Yet another record hot month for the globe.”

  1. J Clifford says:

    Americans who are voting for Trump are voting for a man who is either stupid enough or arrogant enough to say that the thermometers are all wrong. There’s no excuse for this.

  2. Thomas says:

    That is data only stating air temperature since 1880. I consider myself skeptical of all things. In order to appease my own curiosity, I wondered if there was a way to get temperature data from before 1880. The GISP2 ice cores do a decent enough job. Thankfully, that dataset is available from the same source you cited.
    What does column 5 say about temperature relative to present over the last 3 million years?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      It says that in the history of the Earth there have been are other sources of global temperature than human beings, which no one disputes.

  3. Nex says:

    Unless you have a workable global solution to this theoretical problem, stop bringing it up. Global warming is a theory. Living in Mississippi, I can attest that the heat is fucking unbearable just like it always has been. Both my grandfather and great grandmother say the same(just without the explitives).

  4. Judy says:

    I become incredibly skeptical about air temps and who measures them, what time of day, the terrain, all of that. and the raging Yankee skeptic in me says, if it’s so damned hot everywhere else, why was northern New England showing temps in January and February of -20?

    The surest and purest way to measure earth temperatures (and not air temps) is by infrared, and satellites, which are unconcerned with how the winds are blowing. There have been a huge number of volcanoes in the past few years, as well–many of them oceanic, which does indeed warm the oceans by a degree here and there. We are a water planet, anyone who looks at a layout of land vs. water can see that. When the sea warms, so does the land it bounds.

    I am also skeptical about people who get all exercised about ‘hottest on record” which goes back to about the 1880s when thermometers came into steady use and we began to record such things. Surely, surely, in a civilzation that goes way way back there have been warming trends and cooling trends galore. There is even seditious talk that at one time in our past history grapes were grown in Greenland. You don’t get grapes out of a glacier. My first thought about “on record” is, which desert did they stick the thermometer in…?

    I dont argue with climate change. shoot, that happens constantly, and diapering cows ain’t gonna do a thing for that. I do argue with Al Gore’s “global warming and it’s OUR fault” theory. If what we do is so vital to the entire planet, considering the amazing mess places like Detroit and Chicago were in in the forties and fifties, we should all be under a permanent injuntion to not breathe at all. and the world, by those lights, should have turned into a cinder years ago. And like Nex says, GW is a theory. Sorta like creationism.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I live in Northern New England. Only those of us who live on mountains experienced temperatures of -20 last year. But that’s weather, which is not the same as climate. And local weather is not the same thing as global climate. The NASA data includes both land and water temperature readings.

    2. J Clifford says:

      Actually, Judy, Creationism is NOT a theory because it requires religious faith in claims about truth that are impossible to verify. It is a mere assertion, which is much less intellectually rigorous than a theory. Theories are tested with observation of facts.

      The theory of anthropomorphic global warming has been tested for decades by huge numbers of scientific studies. It has emerged, and been confirmed, as the best explanation of the observed facts.

      If you were truly skeptical, rather than just politically resistant, you would examine the scientific record. Clearly you haven’t done that, as you lack the basic scientific literacy necessary to distinguish a theory from a religious belief.

  5. Judy says:


    i dont see what political resistance has to do with any of this. If you’re trying to drag me into the Trump camp, be very very careful, lol. I don’t slot easily.

    The difficulty with facts that seem to support a theory, is the people testing the facts. Bias tends to color things greatly, at times, depending on what one is trying to accomplish. Theories are wonderful things, and they give us oarlocks to put the oars in and row, but they too can be distorted. As someone says, often, and it covers almost everything, ‘look both ways. Always.”

    an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events. : an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be …”

    “Full Definition of belief
    1 : a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing
    2 : something believed; especially : a tenet or body of tenets held by a group
    3 : conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence”

    I understand theory quite well, and the idea of belief. There is a difference between them, of course. But each works from event to cause, albeit in different directions. One, however, uses science to attempt proof, and the other prays a lot.

    As I said, I have no problem with the idea/theory of climate change. And in ten years it will probably have changed even more. But there is a huge huge difference, at least in my mind, between the theory of global warming and the theory of climate change.

    and an ad hominem attack was out of line. Sir.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Judy, it’s not an ad hominem attack. It’s an observation. Creationism is not a theory.

      Prove me wrong. Show me that you’re not ignorant of the science of anthropogenic global warming. Show me how the best scientific analysis of data related to global warming indicates that it has NOT been largely established by human behavior.

      “Sir” isn’t a complete sentence, and I am not a knight.

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