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While Trump Demands Clinton Tax Transparency, His GOP Neglects Corporate Tax Transparency

October 2015: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump complains that Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation initially failed to report some donations on its tax returns.  Trump’s complaint is based on a follow-up report that the Clinton Foundation itself made to the IRS on its own initiative.  The Clinton Foundation’s follow-up report corrects its own error and makes those donations public.  Trump’s conclusion about the sequence of events: “The Clinton Foundation Has Admitted Its Transparency Failures.”

September 2016: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to refuse to release his own tax returns.

September 2016: Democratic Representative Mark Pocan introduces H.R. 6126, a bill to require that U.S. corporations report the taxes they pay in the United States and other countries.  Not a single Republican member of the U.S. Congress signs on in support of the bill.  Donald Trump fails to voice any support for the bill.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party: Hypocrites on Tax Transparency

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