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NewsMax Asks Us To Sell You Out For 30 Cents Per Click

A few days ago, Newsmax, a right wing political commentary website, sent us the following message, asking us if we would enter into an economic relationship with them, sending our readers off to read their celebrations of religious prejudice, cultural bigotry, and economic elitism.

"To: Webmaster

Name: Jeanot


Subject: Advertisement Placement/Newsmax Media

Good morning.
I am with Newsmax Media, reaching out to express my interest in
advertising with

Briefly, Newsmax will provide you with relevant content for your
readers and robust revenue in exchange for a small piece of real
estate on your website/newsletters. And offer a 50/50 share in the CPC
generated with a minimum of 30c per click. I'm not looking to replace
any advertisers you already have, I only want to monetize unused space
that you and I can both benefit from.

Upon review of your site I would like to place a widget preferably in
the unused space along your right rail and/or lower half of your

Please let me know if we can arrange a time to discuss your revenue
potential over the phone, or feel free to reach back out with any

Looking forward,

Jeanot Tapp
Business Development Account Executive
Newsmax Media, Inc.

750 Park of Commerce Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33487
(561) 674-0720 Ext. 1338
(561) 674-0739 Fax"

It’s surprising to us that Newsmax would seek to build a connection with Irregular Times, given our well-established liberal perspective. It’s strange to think that a Business Development Account Executive at Newsmax Media would think that our readers would be interested in her company’s reactionary rankings.

But then, it’s possible that the Business Development department at Newsmax didn’t even bother to look at Irregular Times before sending out its solicitation for 30 cent per click advertising. It’s possible that Jeanot Tapp is simply using an automated system to search for and solicit with every web site that has anything remotely related to any political content at all. It’s possible that Newsmax runs its advertising operations mostly on autopilot. That certainly would be consistent with the content development approach at Newsmax.

For the record, Irregular Times is not accepting the offer of advertising from Newsmax. We are particularly opposed to the idea of helping to promote a nasty, ill-informed site like Newsmax, but aside from that specific objection, Irregular Times doesn’t accept advertising from anyone, regardless of political perspective. We’ve watched the way that, once they start accepting advertisements, sites quickly get clogged with tacky, distracting, and often dishonest commercial content. We retain control over our site so that, although it may be irregular, you know that what you read here arises solely out of our own weird view of the world.

One thought on “NewsMax Asks Us To Sell You Out For 30 Cents Per Click”

  1. Quinton Underwood says:

    So wants Irregular Times to sell me clicks at .30 each, well I guess stranger things has and will happen Why doesn’t just sell the clicks directly to me at some decrease in price and not have to split the pie? I think I smell a rat and I do not see
    see how I could possible be interested. And I could use the publicity.
    Quinton Underwood

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