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How You Can Tell The Trump For President Campaign Has Now Finally Collapsed

“Donald Trump is done.”

These are the words of our Irregular writer Jim, describing the state of the Trump for President campaign tonight. Jim’s declaration is based upon a moral assessment of the lewd and criminal behavior that Donald Trump himself bragged about – even as his conversation was being recorded. Without a hint or remorse, Trump celebrated the impunity with which he can sexually assault women, including married women, because of his celebrity. How, Jim asks, could any decent American now cast a vote for Trump and Pence?

Of course, America has been shocked many times before by Donald Trump’s disregard for basic legal and ethical standards of behavior. Trump has crossed the line over and over again, proposing the construction of vast campaigns of hatred and violence, to be organized at the very top of the federal government.

What I want to point out is what makes this time different from all the other outrageous Trump outbursts. What makes us think that, after every nasty, brutal thing that Donald Trump has said and done, Trump’s lack of self control has finally damaged his own campaign beyond repair?

What shows that this time different is that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are in a full-fledged panic.

Donald Trump can’t even make up his mind about whether he can appear in public any more:

“Trump campaign advisers were huddling together in Trump Tower Friday night trying to figure out how to react. Among the options being considered was whether Trump should make a public appearance Friday night.”

At the same time, Mike Pence physically retreated from a cheap publicity stunt, and was escorted by campaign insiders away from reporters. The Trump/Pence campaign is so fragile can now no longer even handle Mike Pence being photographed looking at a collection of hot dogs:

“The press was supposed to cover Pence looking at a wall of signed hot dogs, including one by Trump, but were later told they couldn’t record the moment.”

These are not the signs of a campaign run by a candidate who is prepared to take over the reins at the White House. These are the signs of a campaign that can no longer even sustain a brief appearance in public.

Yes, Donald Trump, after exposing the terrible sexist, racist, fascist, crude agenda that 40 percent of the American population is willing to support, is at long last finished.

If you can’t even appear in public, there’s no way that you campaign to become President of the United States.

The presidential future of Mike Pence is looking much more dim today as well. After a year and a half of wallowing in the mud with Donald Trump, any Republican with an ounce of sense will be questioning the judgment of Pence, as revealed by his decision to join forces with the most detestable presidential candidate in all of American history.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who endorsed Donald Trump for President, has canceled all his appearances with the Republican nominee.

Watch now as all the other Republican rats begin to flee from the sinking ship.

7 thoughts on “How You Can Tell The Trump For President Campaign Has Now Finally Collapsed”

  1. frank says:

    Peanuts compared to what the Clintons are: corrupt, sex predators, crooked to the core. But that is just fine..right? Keep being pathetic…

    1. J Clifford says:

      Hillary Clinton is a sexual predator?!?!

      What alternative universe do you pull that out of, Frank?

    2. kevin says:

      lay off the hannity. it’s rotting your mind.

    3. longtail says:

      So let me get this straight Frank. Donald Trump should be held to a much lower standard than Bill Clinton…..I understand that. What does this have to do with Hillary Clinton and do you actually believe that women who get groped deserve it?

    4. Jim Cook says:

      Hillary Clinton is a sex predator?

      Your partisanship has left you absolutely deluded.

  2. David mcquaid says:

    You forget how righteous Hillary is.

    1. J Clifford says:

      If I have to choose between a candidate who is racist, sexist, violent, and unable to manage his own psychological state on the one hand, and a candidate who sometimes sounds a little bit righteous when she speaks on the other hand, the choice is not difficult, David.

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