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Daily Archives: October 9, 2016

Zombie trump

Undead Blogging The Second Presidential Debate 2016

Ordinarily, we would call this liveblogging of the 2016 presidential debate, but the presidential campaign of Donald Trump can hardly be described as alive. It’s more like a stumbling, stammering zombie at this point. So, let’s call this undeadblogging of the 2016 second 2016 presidential

Greater Than Sign

Before Second Debate, Who’s #MoreElectableThanTrump?

On Twitter, six hours before the second presidential debate of 2016, the hashtag #MoreElectableThanTrump is one of the twenty most-used hashtags on the entire social media platform. Who, according to Twitter users, would be more electable than Donald Trump today? Hannibal Lecter my left toe

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