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Paul Ryan Refuses To Withdraw His Endorsement Of Donald Trump

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made big news today by saying that he’s not going to spend any more time defending Donald Trump. Paul Ryan has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest enablers over the last couple of months, but for the last month of his campaign, he is taking a break from supporting Trump, and focusing on helping other Republican candidates instead.

Except… Paul Ryan actually still is defending Donald Trump. Paul Ryan is actually still supporting the Donald Trump for President campaign. In a move that is reminiscent of Donald Trump’s refusal to distance himself from KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Paul Ryan is refusing to revoke his endorsement of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Paul Ryan has endorsed Donald Trump.

That means Paul Ryan endorses bragging about sexual assault.

Paul Ryan endorses textbook racism.

Paul Ryan endorses torture.

Paul Ryan endorses plans for nationwide religious discrimination.

Paul Ryan endorses summary execution of prisoners without trial.

Paul Ryan endorses plans for huge new federal spending without any new revenue to pay for it.

Paul Ryan endorses the construction of a giant wall around America like what the Communists built in Berlin.

Paul Ryan endorses mockery of Americans with disabilities.

Paul Ryan endorses insults against American prisoners of war.

Paul Ryan endorses the least qualified, most divisive presidential candidate ever to be nominated by a major political party in American history.

If Paul Ryan had any true courage, he would withdraw his endorsement of Donald Trump, which is what large numbers of other Republican leaders have done.

Instead, Paul Ryan is playing word games, endorsing Donald Trump while trying to pretend he hasn’t, simply by not talking about Trump anymore.

Paul Ryan has got his head in the sand. He knows that Donald Trump is a dangerous demagogue who will drag the United States of America down into the gutter if he is elected President. But, instead of revoking his endorsement, Paul Ryan is simply pretending that if he looks the other way, Donald Trump will simply go away.

That’s not how responsible citizens in a democracy behave.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan needs to stand up and take responsibility. He either needs to renounce his endorsement of Donald Trump or embrace it. Ryan’s wishy washy attempt to have it both ways is the sign of a weak leader who can’t summon the moral strength to follow his convictions.

2016 is not the year for Paul Ryan’s namby pamby political nonsense.

If you endorse Donald Trump, own it. If you vote for Donald Trump, admit it.

If you find Donald Trump’s politics to be “sickening”, as Paul Ryan says he does, there is only one respectable thing to do: Oppose the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

A politician who can continue to endorse a presidential candidate he is repulsed by is unfit to hold any public office.

Here’s hoping the people of his congressional district in Wisconsin are more clear-headed and decisive than Paul Ryan.

3 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Refuses To Withdraw His Endorsement Of Donald Trump”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    And Andrew Cuomo refuses to withdraw his endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

    1. J Clifford says:

      There are no prominent Democratic politicians who are withdrawing endorsements of Clinton. There are large numbers of prominent Republican politicians who are withdrawing endorsements of Trump.

      Andrew Cuomo is urging more Republicans to walk away from the dangerous fascism of the Trump for President campaign.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      Paul Ryan is notably different as a Republican for NOT withdrawing support from Donald Trump. Andrew Cuomo is absolutely typical as a Democrat for not withdrawing support from Hillary Clinton. Why the difference? Because Hillary Clinton is nothing like the clear and present threat to responsible democracy that Donald Trump is.

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