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Hard Work For The Poor Shackled Billionaire

Poor, sad Donald Trump.

Donald Trump told the world that he was so mighty, so terrific, so great, that he was going to do things that nobody else could ever do.

Trump told us that he was going to face down the entire nation of China, and force Mexico to pay for border wall, even though the Mexicans think it’s a stupid idea and don’t want to do it.

Trump never offered any specifics. He asked America to accept his vision on blind faith. “Believe me,” he said.

Now, Donald Trump has discovered that there are people in the world who he can’t buy. He’s learned that most Americans think that his plans are ridiculous, and his violent arrogance is repulsive. Donald Trump has lost the support of many of the people in the Republican Party, even though he blustered his way successfully through the collective Republican psyche to gain that party’s nomination.

Donald Trump has lost the ability to maintain his illusion of power. So now, Trump, the man who told us he was going to conquer the world, has announced that campaigning for President “is hard to do when members of his own political party refuse to follow along with his insanity.

Other presidential candidates haven’t had difficulty maintaining their own parties’ support after their nomination. What’s holding Trump back?

The day after he claimed to be a blue collar worker, Donald Trump says that he’s been shackled.

The Billionaire of Bluster wants us to believe that he’s been held back, restrained, oppressed by the system.

I’d like to meet with Trump in one of his mansions to talk with him about how bad it felt for him to be underprivileged in this way, but maybe a meeting would be too… hard.

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