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Where Else Might Minimum Wage Hike Recipients Spend Their Money?

Rick Snow, former Republican director of Maine’s Bureau of Labor Standards and current Republican candidate for the state House of Representatives, has explained why it’s a really bad idea to pay workers a livable minimum wage.  If you pay workers more money, Rick Snow explains, they’ll just spend it on opiates:

“Where would that money be spent? We’ve heard about the opiate issues in the state of Maine. Are we going to add more income to individuals so they can spend it on illegal activities? I’m very concerned about that.”

This is the kind of argument that you can extend endlessly.  Why, if you pay minimum wage workers anything above poverty wages, they’ll spend that money all kinds of ways!

  • They’ll spend it on processed meats!
  • They’ll spend it on non-organic vegetables!
  • They’ll spend it on fluffer nutter and “circus peanuts.”
  • They’ll spend it on newspapers and magazines with objectionable words!
  • They’ll spend it on bad wine — you know, the Ernest & Julio Gallo stuff.
  • They’ll spend it on Democratic Party candidates (eeek!).

But you know, the argument goes in different directions, too.  If you pay CEOs of major corporations anything above $7.25 per hour, won’t they spend it all on heroin, too?

Of course Rick Snow doesn’t really mean that last bit, because he thinks that CEOs are better than that. Rick Snow is a snob. Rick Snow thinks that CEOs are better people than working people.  That’s really what Rick Snow just said.  If you believe that CEOs are better people than working people, then vote for Rick Snow.  If you don’t, don’t.

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