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GOP’s Steve Miller: Trump Supporters are Good & White, Clinton Supporters are Bad & Black

Steve Miller, the Republican Party’s candidate for state legislature in the city of Lewiston, Maine, has shared the following thought on Facebook:

Republican politician Steve Miller of Lewiston, Maine explaining that the good Trump supporters are patriotic and white. The bad Clinton supporters, on the other hand, are Black, Black, Black. Why does Steve Miller embrace such divided imagery?

All the Trump supporters in Steve Miller’s image? Patriotic, flag lovers, and, by the by, White.

All the Clinton supporters in Steve Miller’s image? Bad, bad, bad, and Black, Black, Black.

This stark racial dualism comes from a man running to represent Lewiston, the city that has attracted the highest concentration of African immigrants in the state of Maine (and subsequently seen a decline in its crime rate).

Three and a half weeks until Election Day, and I am so weary of the splitting, enmity and division into camps fostered from the top of the Republican Party right down to Steve Miller at the bottom.  When will Republicans finally realize that when they have declare black people, brown people, Spanish speakers, women, non-Christians, gays, lesbians, transgender people and immigrants the enemy, “THEM” is so much bigger than the “US” they imagine? A shrinking sliver of angry, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, religiously bigoted white men is no base for a political future.  The Republican Party can realize this and reject bigotry as a strategy now, or it can bluster on and wonder as it slowly fades away.

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