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2 Hours Before Trump Rally Opens Doors in Bangor, Tickets are Still Available

When I lived in Columbus, Ohio back in 2008, if you wanted to see the presidential candidate Barack Obama during one of his appearances you had to nab tickets within an hour or two of the Obama campaign making them available.  Then you had to stand in line for two or three hours, and some people would even show up the night before to make sure they could get a good spot.D

The doors open at noon today for Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Bangor.  At 10 AM, the Trump campaign was trying to give away tickets for free and still hadn’t managed to fill its venue.  I know this because I picked up a good handful of tickets to the event right then:

Donald Trump Rally in Bangor, Maine on October 15 2016: Two hours before the doors open, they're still trying to give away tickets.I’ll try to take my tickets in to the event and see what I can see inside the rally, although I’ll be leaving before Donald Trump speaks, because:

  1. I refuse to give the uncouth brute the visible respect of standing and listening to him in person; and
  2. I’ll be outside, demonstrating against the fear, bigotry and aggression that his campaign channels and promotes.

As I head over to Bangor for Trump’s appearance, these unclaimed tickets reassure me that support for him has become unenthusiastic, even here in conservative northern Maine.

2 thoughts on “2 Hours Before Trump Rally Opens Doors in Bangor, Tickets are Still Available”

  1. longtail says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind go to see this right wing drivel repeated over and over?

    1. Bud Simpson says:

      Why would anybody in their right mind go to see LEFT wing material repeated over and over again? By the way, Bangor is NOT in northern Maine and, last time I checked, Maine is NOT an overly conservative state. Most of their senators and representatives are what we call, Republicrats, because they vote somewhat liberally on social issues. You have obviously never met the speaker and know zero about him and the State of Maine. But, because he is one of hundreds of thousands who are not satisfied with the status quo, you have prejudged him. You also, obviously, know nothing about using the oppositions own words against them. His oratory was satire of the highest order, and obviously, you don’t recognize that type of humor either. Is there anything you know other than left-wing propaganda? Open your mind more and close your mouth less. As my old Maine grandfather used to say, “You can’t learn a damn thing while your mouth is open.” Also, “There’s a reason why you have two ears and only one mouth.”

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