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NASA Measures September 2016 as the Hottest September on Record

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies has just released temperature data from around the world during the month of September 2016. The bottom line: this has is the hottest September for the globe of any September in the 1880-2016 record. Every single one of the ten hottest Septembers in the NASA global temperature record has been in this century. Every single one of the twenty hottest Septembers in the NASA global temperature record has occurred since 1997.

This is what global warming looks like:

NASA GISS Data: Global Land and Temperature Data for the month of September, 1880 to 2016. September 2016 is the hottest September on record.

It’s not just September. Every single month of this year so far has set a new global temperature record.

This month’s worldwide temperature data report is brought to you by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who would like to remind you…
Donald Trump on Global Warming: It's a Chinese Hoax to Make America Look Stupid

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