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The One Terrorist Plot Against the U.S. that Fox News Won’t Send Reporters to Cover

I’ve been waiting. I waited all week.

I waited all week for Fox News to cover the plot by three Christian white men, calling themselves “Crusaders,” who planned to blow up an apartment complex in Kansas where Somali immigrants live. I have to link to this USA Today article on the subject, however, because Fox News has had nothing to say on the subject. Only today, finally, six days after the story broke, did Fox News share one article — an Associated Press article that it didn’t write itself. Fox News still has done no original reporting at all on these Christian terrorists.

Here were the results of yesterday’s search of articles on for Gavin Wright, one of the three Christian anti-Muslim terrorists, for example:

Fox News did not cover Gavin Wright, Christian terrorist

Whenever a person with Muslim religious beliefs is caught planning a terrorist act, Fox News is all over the event. But not this time. Why do you think that is?

I think it has something to do with Fox News’ readers, who reacted to the Associated Press article like this…

Fox News commentator: Its coming eventually people. Eventually there'll be another group - a group that doesn't have any pansy snitches amongst its ranks...and it'll happen.

… and like this …

Fox News comment: And they shouldn't have quit until all the Muslims were dead.  Too bad they let the one's that were supposedly peaceful live.

… and like this …

Fox News Comment: With all these nasty Muslims over here, sounds to me like we could use a group of crusaders

… and like this …

Fox News Comment on Christian terrorists: Lock up white guys who threaten terrorists, but let terrorists who actually murder white people go free.  Obama at his best....

Anti-Muslim terrorists just aren’t compatible with the world of Fox News readers. So why would Fox News feed them incompatible news? Upsetting readers just isn’t good for business ad revenue journalism.

5 thoughts on “The One Terrorist Plot Against the U.S. that Fox News Won’t Send Reporters to Cover”

  1. John S says:

    Oh my gosh are you saying Fox news is BIASED????? Because if that’s what your saying I’m going to stop watching that network immediately and start watching….. Oh that’s right every other major network is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the left….. picking and choosing what the American public is told and shown….. if this angers you this much imagine how people on the right feel EVERY DAY!! Numerous stories about Hillary’s crimes have just gotten buried and nullified. The woman should be going to prison instead of running for the white house. So please save me the crocodile tears. Or better yet let me use your jargon. “How many white Christian extremists have committed acts of terror lately?” It’s like 0.00017% of the total murders committed in this country! !!!!! Fresh quit picking on them already! Sound familiar?

    1. Jim says:

      Hon, I’d love it if Fox News would stop using its network to broadcast terrorism porn in general, but if they’re going to hype Muslim terrorists it’s worth noting when they selectively ignore the Christian terrorists.

    2. Jim says:

      Meanwhile, hype. Is there proof of a crime by Hillary Clinton? No. Hillary Clinton has been shown to have violated ethical standards for a politician. That’s why I’m not supporting Hillary Clinton in this election. That’s not the same as commission of a crime.

      1. james davisson says:

        I know all sorts of ethical standards she has been accused of violating but that’s not the same as actually violating them either.

    3. kevin says:

      John, don’t forget to vote on Nov. 28.

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