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Barack Obama Never Put Project Endgame Into Action

Barack Obama has been the subject of more conspiracy theories than any other president in American history. Conspiracy theorists claimed that Obama was a Marxist Muslim Kenyan Extraterrestrial AntiChrist who had been trained since birth to steal everyone’s guns, institute martial law, invade Texas through Jade Helm, and execute Americans with guillotines in FEMA prison camps.

None of that has happened, and there are only two months in the Obama presidency left.

Still, the conspiracy theorists are spinning one last story: Project Endgame. It’s a project, they say, for the end of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Project Engame believers cite shadowy Russian sources as saying that, before he leaves the White House, Barack Obama will engage in the mass arrest of 775,000 Americans. Project Endgame will be motivated by the need to prevent panic given the imminent collapse of the American economy, they say.

There’s one big problem with this conspiracy theory: It’s past its expiration date.

The original Project Endgame conspiracy theory was spread around just weeks after Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009. In this version of the rumors, a Dr. Boris Borisov from the Russian Foreign Ministry was said to have discovered that mass imprisonments were being planned by Barack Obama after a total economic collapse triggered by the economic policies of George W. Bush.

Project Endgame reports warned of a “vast gulag of new concentration camps built for those American citizens targeted by their government of ‘immediate’ arrest,” and declared of Barack Obama that, “as each day goes by the evidence clearly shows he is nothing more than the figurehead put into place to enact the final ENDGAME leading to the final destruction of the United States.”

With two months remaining, the final destruction of the United States has yet to happen.

I suppose this means that they’ll be accusing Barack Obama of being an underachiever.

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