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Congressman Tom Reed Refuses To Reject Donald Trump Despite Repeated Stories Of Sexual Assault

Back in March, western New York’s Congressman Tom Reed enthusiastically endorsed Donald Trump for President, saying that he supported Trump because “we must move beyond the bombastic rhetoric to positive discussion”.

Reed assured people at the time that Donald Trump would moderate his outrageous approach to campaigning, but Trump actually became more bombastic month by month, ranting against an ever-expanding range of targets, describing wild conspiracies in which everyone is out to get him. Finally, Trump declared that he was “unshackled” and let loose with a string of insults like “Miss Piggy” and “nasty woman”.

Still, Tom Reed continues to embrace Donald Trump.

When video of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women became public, Tom Reed defended Trump, saying that Trump’s talk about how he liked to “grab them by the pussy” was just talk.

Donald Trump and Tom Reed lawn signsReed said, “You saw him at the debate. He said no, he didn’t do that. This was talk. So I don’t think we’re talking about sexual assault here in the way some people are portraying it as. Now the rhetoric and the talk is wrong in and of itself. And we were very clear about that and we remain very clear about that.”

Just a couple days later, two women, then five women, then eleven women came forward saying that Donald Trump’s talk about sexual assault wasn’t just talk. He had sexually assaulted them.

Tom Reed refused to address the allegations except to say that “I always try to look at the silver lining in these situations.”

To this day, Tom Reed is refusing to take a stand. Reed continues to support Donald Trump.

Congressman Reed explains that he continues to endorse Donald Trump because he is hoping that Trump causes havoc in the U.S. federal government. “I think he is the best chance we have to disrupt Washington, D.C.,” Reed says.

Many have pointed out that Donald Trump appears to be working in collaboration with Vladimir Putin of Russia to cause disruption in American government. Trump even encouraged Russia to conduct espionage against the United States, then used materials from Russian espionage to try to get a leg up in his campaign.

Will voters in Western New York be like Tom Reed, and pretend that they don’t notice what’s gone terribly, terribly wrong with the Donald Trump campaign?

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