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In Final Sweet Irony, Website of “The Can Kicks Back” Taken Over by Anti-Billionaire Activists

“The Can Kicks Back” said it was a social movement of “millenials” for fiscal austerity and blasting away the social safety net, but it turned out to be run by a bunch of elderly, rich hedge fund and wealth management types, all under the patronage of the even richer billionare Peter G. Peterson.

“The Can Kicks Back” scolded real, live, actual young people for not having sufficient respect for the ultra-rich “civility,” then launched a “Fuck the Debt” campaign.

“The Can Kicks Back” continued to insist it was run by grassroots college students while it applauded itself during a mega-sponsored appearance at the New York Stock Exchange.

The leadership of “The Can Kicks Back” was exposed by Nick Confessore as consisting of corporate executives and lobbyists.

Even after getting dozens of fluffy promotional stories about itself published in national news outlets, “The Can Kicks Back” couldn’t manage to add more than a handful of actual Twitter followers.

“The Can Kicks Back” couldn’t manage to sign up any actual college kids to participate in its “college kids’ movement.”

Of course “The Can Kicks Back” was an utter fake of an organization. What actual movement of young people in America would decide that taxing more poor people, taxing corporations less, and cutting social programs was a keen idea?

Once people found out the truth about the billionaire-funded fake movement scheme, “The Can Kicks Back” joyfully faded away.

But just to show you that even a billionaire with a massive staff can’t necessarily manage the obvious details, the ultra-rich, ultra-heartless Peter G. Peterson let ownership of lapse. Classic chump move there, Peter G., and boy oh boy did you get pwned, because now a group of activists determined to a) remind everyone of TCKB’s fakery and b) counter Peter G. Peterson’s kick-the-poor message have taken over and made it their own. Now every time that someone clicks an old, legacy link to The Can Kicks Back from another one of Peter G. Peterson’s many shell groups, they’ll learn the truth: that a billion dollars can’t buy even a hundred hearts.

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