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Trumpists Ignore Fox News Admission That Likely Indictment Story About Clinton Was A Total Hoax

This Wednesday, supporters of Donald Trump across America erupted into gleeful howls upon hearing the news from Bret Baier at Fox News that sources within the FBI had told reporters that emails from Huma Abedin would “likely” result in an indictment of Hillary Clinton.

There was a just one problem with the story: It wasn’t true. Today, Fox News personality Bret Baier was forced to admit and apologize for the fact that there was never any statement by any FBI source declaring that an indictment of Hillary Clinton is “likely”. Bret Baier just made that up.

Politico reported on this revelation of the Fox News hoax at 1:39 PM today.

Sadly, for Trumpists, facts don’t matter. As of this evening, supporters of Donald Trump continue to spread the lie that FBI sources have declared a criminal indictment to be likely. On Twitter, people like Teressa Jacobi‏ @Tebo1146, Anthony Andrews‏ @awa3133, Robin Stowe‏ @SultryRobin, and Karen Schaack‏ @SchaackKaren continue to post the hoax, even though the very same person that made the story up now admits that his story was just flat out wrong.

When people ask, “How could Donald Trump come so close to becoming President of the United States?”, this has to be part of the answer: Too many Americans either don’t bother to check to see whether stories they hear are true, or knowingly spread stories they know to be false.

It’s become trendy for pundits to say that we can’t blame Trump supporters for the rise of Donald Trump’s unhinged approach to politics. The continuing spread of the debunked Bret Baier hoax shows us clearly that yes, the ignorance and immorality of Trump supporters Are a big part of the problem.

Trump supporters spread hoax

One thought on “Trumpists Ignore Fox News Admission That Likely Indictment Story About Clinton Was A Total Hoax”

  1. Judy says:

    It says something about the credulity of people, to believe stuff like this. Or to even want to. I keep thinking, this man has all the tricks of public speech, the forcefulness, the repetitive phrasing, the buzz words. People eat this stuff up. It’s how folks like those powerful (elected) dictators get elected in the first place. Pure, outright rhetoric. “we will free you. we will free your children. we will march on the jails and the hospitals and the asylums and we will free you all. We are going to help you.” He tells them what they want/need to hear.

    You also have to consider the number of people who are making Dr. Oz rich with his wrinkle removers and his diet stuff, and the teleministers, and those who promise heaven if you give them enough money. Why are we surprised, then, when the king of snakeoil appears, promising everything he can think of?

    Frankly I don’t much like Hillary, but after this week I like her a lot more than I do the Donald.

    A cold comfort, perhaps, but it could be worse. (really). The Donald could have had Sarah Palin as a running mate.

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