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If you voted for Trump, these White Supremacists are your Allies

The documentation that President-Elect Donald Trump is a racist is plentiful. Since the 1970s, when Donald Trump was firmly documented to have actively discriminated against black people seeking an apartment, through the 1980s, when Donald Trump called for five men of color to be summarily executed for crimes they have been proven to have not committed and when Trump actively disfavored black employees in his casinos, to his behavior in the 21st century insisting that the nation’s first black president must have been a foreign-born Muslim and declaring that a judge with Mexican ancestors cannot possibly be impartial, Donald Trump has shown again and again that he is a thinker who sees race and who believes that his role is to champion one race (whites in general and white evangelicals in particular).

Stormfront white supremacists: if you voted for Donald Trump, these are your alliesDonald Trump’s racism is no secret. The racism of Donald Trump’s supporters is no secret, either. Consider the following thoughts shared on just one bulletin board thread on the Stormfront website, started four days after the election and joyously entitled “Trump wins White women by a landslide!“:

  • “I love the Aryan woman.”
  • “Notice that college-educated people were more inclined to vote against the best interests of the White race. Colleges are still Marxist indoctrination centers.”
  • “This just proves to me that we haven’t lost our people. Whites aren’t as brain dead and guilt ridden as everyone would like believe, specifically white women. I LOVE WHITE WOMEN”
  • “My first day of high school and I seen my first nearly naked girl- a negress lifting her skirt and shaking her ass in the hallway.”
  • “A majority of White women voting for a White man, Donald Trump, and against a white Feminist Woman may be a turning point — of White American women beginning to come home to their men and their race.”
  • “Raising White children is the most important thing in the world.”
  • “Women got the franchise in 1920 in the USA. How’s that worked out for White folk since then???”
  • “Also, Jews are counted as ‘White’ and Muslim Arabs are probably counted as ‘White’ which would increase Trump’s landslide among real White women to a 13 or 14 percent advantage.”
  • “For a different perspective: Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story NEVER Told”
  • “Nationalism: Because your children deserve better than to grow up as minorities in their own homelands.”
  • “The number one cause of white genocide in America today is feminism.”
  • “White women en masse were clearly willing to overlook Trump’s locker room comments in order to fight against the filthy display of negro men having sex with delicate young white women on television and in movies.”
  • “Blacks showing yet again there are at odds with White American life.”
  • “Lets keep up our media attack and momentum. Lets expand, keep talking socially and drive back the Jews.”
  • “I stayed up until 3:30 am to make sure he won PA. I couldn’t fall asleep because I was so excited. I went to work that morning and knew with one glance who voted for who. Most of my coworkers voted for “Her”. I was exhausted but oh so happy.”
  • “Trump appointing Rex Tillerson will be the end of US-NATO killing Whites in WW III with Russia. Tillersion as Sec. of State and TRUMP both want warm ties with Russia, which means no NATO-Russia war over Ukraine in which Whites are killed. How far down on the list of your priorities is race?”
  • “Jews are desperate to get Whites to not support Trump who has installed Bannon, Tillerson, and many others who the Jews hate. Watching Jews hate Trump makes me very happy.”
  • “The stats are White Women joined in racial unity with White Men to vote in Trump and the Jews are furious about it. Jews are desperately trying to deny White racial unity.”
  • “My theory, for what it’s worth, is that white women everywhere are sickened by the public behavior of stinking male ******s, who make their lust for blonds and white skin all too obvious to us females.”
  • “This was a needed morale boost for the White population; at least the sane portion. We mobilized and let the anti-Whites know that we still own this place. And despite all the Fox News pundits and others trying to dispel the notion that it was about race to a great many of us, I believe that it absolutely was and am damn glad of it. Totally justified.”
  • “Of course I believe “the Jews are our misfortune” That is David Dukes phrase, and guess what? He supported Trump.”
  • “This makes sense, the main reason I voted for Trump is because he came across as a alpha white male, no white guilt and arrogant and proud…”
  • “Jews are just as cowardly, or more so, as their black African cousins, they don’t have the guts!”

Read these words. Let them soak in. These are Trump supporters. They are reveling in their victory. They are racist to the core.

People who voted for Donald Trump for President may protest that they aren’t racists. But they voted for a racist. They allied themselves with racists. At some point, it doesn’t matter what cuddly feelings people might hold in their hearts. It’s the effect of their actions — to support, to promote, to elevate racists — that matters.

One thought on “If you voted for Trump, these White Supremacists are your Allies”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Hillary Clinton is a racist , too. She supports racial categorization by the federal government. Census, federal firearms purchase forms, college admissions and firefighter appointments based on race, school busing based on race, “hate crime” labeling based on race, and much more.

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