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Congressional Staffers Move Forward from Information to Organizing against Trump

Last month, a group of former congressional staffers released an excellent guide for resisting the agenda of Donald Trump by targeting Congress. What makes this guide excellent is what it isn’t: another messaging memo insisting that in order to win in politics, people have to hide what they think and say something they don’t believe. Nope, that’s not what the staffers’ “Indivisible Guide” is all about. It’s about being honest and pushing for what you really, truly believe in an effective manner.

The guide has very simple tips for influencing members of Congress — based on what the staffers have seen work so well on Capitol Hill. Lessons include:

  • How to find and confront your members of Congress in person;
  • How to hold the floor when a member of Congress tries to shut you up;
  • How to get past a staffer who doesn’t want to tell you what you need to know;
  • How to do all this without triggering the “how rude” accusation that members of Congress can use to shut critics down.

The key, according to these staffers, is that you need to stop waiting for a national leader to follow and instead start organizing at the local level, within your congressional district.  This week, the staffers have rolled out a new feature at their website to help you get started: the ability of local groups and individuals looking for local groups to find each other at their website.  Go visit, then follow three steps…

The Three Steps of the Indivisible Guide

Step 1 is simple: read the guide.
Step 2: sign up to get updates telling you about the existence of groups near you.
Step 3: once you’ve started your own local activist group, tell the Indivisible Guide, and they’ll spread the word about you to people who are nearby and looking for a group to join.

The stakes are too high for us to work solely alone, or to wait to read about protests in the newspaper, always after they’ve happened. Connect with others and act together to force your member of Congress into either listening to you or losing re-election. Get started right now.

15 thoughts on “Congressional Staffers Move Forward from Information to Organizing against Trump”

  1. DK Funk says:

    Let’s get to work, we need to get these idiots out

  2. Charles Tobias says:

    I want to stay informed!

  3. DK Funk says:

    Let’s get to work

  4. DK Funk says:

    What can we do in Tampa

  5. Patricia Watson says:

    Thank you

  6. Sharon Dean says:

    This is a great guide.

  7. CJensen says:

    it is apparent that those who voted for TRUMP did not research him or what he stands for.
    The new administration must be stopped. How can I help

    1. Jim Cook says:

      CJensen, there are lots of ways. The guide linked to here is a great start. Either sign up for notice at their website, so you can get linked in to an activist network, or search for already existing anti-Trump groups where you live. If none exist, MAKE one! You can be the start of something big.

  8. Chuck Doyle says:

    Love to read it…. How

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Hi, Chuck. There are links in the article that will take you to the guide.

  9. PHouston says:

    The people that voted for Trump have done no research on this man to allow him to be the US President, the leader of our wonderful country, the leader of the FREE WORLD as we have known it to be. Thank You Indivisible!

  10. Ethel Hall says:

    I do want very much to be in on this action. Is their a group already started in Jacksonville, FL?

  11. Carmon says:


  12. Beth Basilius says:

    Thanks so much for your work on the resistance.

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