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Psychic? Thomas John’s Predictions for 2016 that Flopped, Flopped, Flopped

He is Thomas John, the one who calls himself the “Manhattan Medium,” the “psychic remodeler,” an “impressively accurate “global psychic sensation.” He claims on his website (the oddly disclosing medium[synonymforphallus].com) that he has a role given to him by God as a “master” connecting Heaven and Earth. How good are his psychic abilities, according to none other than himself? He’s so good he says he’s got an “infallible track record.” Infallible!

I guess Thomas John had better be an infallible psychic if he’s going to charge gullible people $1,200 a month just to ask him two questions by e-mail.

Is Thomas John’s really blessed with psychic infallibility?

Um, no.

In January 2015, Irregular Times looked into three of Thomas John’s predictions for 2014. He got each one of these predictions wrong.

In January 2016, Irregular Times looked into three more of Thomas John’s predictions for 2015. They were wrong too.

It’s January 2017, so let’s look at three of Thomas John’s predictions for 2016, predictions he made in a glossy Cosmo spread on May 5 2016. I mean, hey, maybe he’s polished up his “infallibility” a little bit.

Prediction 1: “Beyoncé and Jay Z: I see them having another baby.”

Verdict: WRONG. Thomas John made this prediction for 2015 too, and it didn’t happen then. He’s wrong again: the pair didn’t have a baby in 2016; they only have one child who was born in 2012.

Prediction 2: “Zayn and Gigi: I don’t see them lasting. They’re going to break up some time in the next year.”

Zayn and Gigi sitting in a tree, N-O-T-B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G-U-PVerdict: WRONG. Care of The Sun, just yesterday: “The lovebirds look more in love than ever in this adorable picture that Zayn posted online.”

Prediction 3: “WHO’S GOING TO DIE ON GREY’S ANATOMY? I feel like Callie is going to get killed off.”

Verdict: WRONG. This was a cheap “psychic” prediction, made just before the end of the season of Grey’s Anatomy, when it was already being reported that actor Sara Ramirez wouldn’t be returning, and when rumors were already swirling that the character of Callie would be killed off. Thomas John’s not getting his information from the aether or an angel; he’s trading off of gossip. And yet, the Callie character was not killed off: she moved out of town.

“Infallible psychic?” No. Continued success in hucksterism? Probably. The desperation to believe among Thomas John’s willing victims is stronger than the inclination to pay attention.

2 thoughts on “Psychic? Thomas John’s Predictions for 2016 that Flopped, Flopped, Flopped”

  1. DrRGP says:

    There is never a shortage of gullible people.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Sadly true. The best we can hope for is to influence the middle group who bother to use a search engine to check out a huckster like Thomas John before paying out the big bucks.

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