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Top 5 Liberal Bumper Stickers of December 2016: Anti-Trump All the Way (But Please Don’t Mention His Name)

We’ve never posted a single paid advertisement at Irregular Times, because at this website we believe that information and values should come first, with everything else following from that. Nevertheless, we aren’t rich trust fund babies like Donald Trump, and we’ve got to cover the costs of hosting and publishing Irregular Times somehow. Since May of 2004, we’ve managed that by selling liberal bumper stickers. We try not to be over-the-top about our promotion of that on this site (like I said, information and values come first), and we make sure that every one of our stickers holds a message that we feel comfortable putting out into the world.

Over the years, a side benefit of selling bumper stickers is that we get to see the waxing and waning of particular ideas over time. This past month, it should be no surprise to see what ties together our five top-selling bumper stickers…

Top Five Liberal Stickers of December 2016:
1. Abolish the Electoral College bumper sticker
2. Don’t Blame Me: I Voted Democrat bumper sticker
3. He’s Not My President bumper sticker
4. Don’t Blame Me: You Voted for Him bumper sticker
5. Americans Against Trump bumper sticker

Americans Against Trump Bumper StickerAll have to do with the presidential Election of 2016. Interestingly, the top four selling bumper stickers find a way to express opposition to Donald Trump without using his name. The rise of various pseudonyms for Donald Trump on the middle-to-left-hand-side of America (“Agent Orange,” “He Who Must Not Be Named,” “The Angry Cheeto,” “The Swamp”) suggest not only that we oppose Donald Trump, but that for many people hearing his name is like having nails drawn across a blackboard.

As the months and the years of the Trump Era drag on, we’ll keep selling anti-Trump bumperstickers along with other stickers that articulate a positive alternative to current conservative and bigotry-dominated politics.  But more importantly, we’ll keep our alternative voice — with alternative well-sourced information and an alternative articulation of values — alive.  There are many ways for us to speak out in a time of danger; this is one of those times, and we won’t pipe down.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Liberal Bumper Stickers of December 2016: Anti-Trump All the Way (But Please Don’t Mention His Name)”

  1. ProfRGP says:

    The day has past in America when one can affix a political bumper sticker to his motorcar without worry of retaliation of some kind.

    1. J Clifford says:

      When I placed an anti-Trump sign in my front yard after Election Day, I was not the target of retaliation. I think that we have to take the step forward, speak out, and trust that our neighbors have not turned into monsters.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      I’ve had an anti-Trump bumper sticker on my car for nearly a month and haven’t had any repercussions. I don’t worry about it.

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