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President Me

Are you ready to experience four years of President Me? Ready or not, here he comes. The United States Presidency is the most powerful office in the world, and that makes the United States President the most powerful person in the world.  In twelve short days, the most powerful person in the world will be Donald Trump.  On whose behalf does he plan to exert his power? Day after day, he makes his focus clear on his Twitter account.

The victories of others are to be celebrated when they demonstrate loyalty to himself:

He uses his platform to elevate himself and denigrate others on shallow metrics of popularity:

He attributes others’ success to his own personal aura:

He is obsessed with the size of his personal wins:

He divides the world into his supporters and his enemies as he gloats, using the possessive in curious fashion:

He thanks himself:

He imagines the world revolves around him:

He places himself at the center of a holiday:
Merry Christmas from Donald Trump, by himself, alone, at the middle of the picture, pumping a fist
He taunts:

He thinks of events in terms of what they do for him, not in terms of what they do for the nation:

It is clear that in 2017, the White House will be transformed into an altar for the glory of Donald Trump. 7 billion people are excluded from that limited vision.

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