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LiveBlogging Donald Trump’s First Press Conference In Half A Year

The last time Donald Trump held a press conference was back in July of 2016, when Trump publicly asked the government of Russia to use its spies to hack the 2016 presidential election.

What on earth will Donald Trump say at today’s press conference? I’ll be taking note of his significant utterances here, as they happen.

Early on: Donald Trump just suggested that U.S. federal intelligence agencies were behind the release of allegations that Donald Trump is being blackmailed by Russia, and complained that journalists are not treating him well.

Trump sets the economic standard by which he will be judged: “I will be the best job producer that God ever created.”

Trump finally admitted that it was Russia that attacked the US presidential election in 2016, but says that the US is being hacked by many other people as well. The fact is that there is no evidence that any other country attacked the US presidential election but Russia.

Trump denied that the Republican computers were hacked as well as the computers of the Democratic National Committee.

Trump claims that on Hillary Clinton’s emails, “nobody even talked about it”. Searches through the news from 2016 find that, in fact, Hillary Clinton’s emails were one of the most written about subjects in 2016 – especially after information that had been released by Russian spies at the request of Donald Trump.

“I am not releasing the tax returns,” Trump says.

Donald Trump confirms that there will be no blind trust for his business. Trump’s own sons, who are presently his business partners, will be running his business.

Trump simply promises that he won’t ever talk business with his sons, and we’ll just have to trust him on that.

With that, Trump has walked away from the podium.

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