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NASA Data: 2016 was the Hottest Year on Record

Some stories scarcely need more than a picture.  NASA maintains a dataset of global temperature measurements from over land and sea around the world, stretching back 136 years now.  You can review the data for yourself at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies webpage. December global temperature data have yet to be revealed, but if we measure years from December to November, 2016 was the hottest year on record, as this graph of NASA GISS data reveals:

2016: from December to November, Hottest Year on Record

That’s global warming. When the President-Elect denies it, he denies reality.

5 thoughts on “NASA Data: 2016 was the Hottest Year on Record”

  1. John says:

    Oh yeah let’s believe everything NASA (Never A Straight Answer) tells us because they have always been sooooooooo honest, and straightforward with the American public- right???? Funny, the Chinese didn’t find any evidence of our Apollo mission landing on the moon when their rover got there. Funny the only piece of moon rock given to the public turned out to be petrified wood. Yeah let’s believe mankind is responsible for climate change when it’s been proven over, and over that the earth goes through cycles in its weather patterns. More reasons for the libtards to enact more regulations strangling businesses. More reasons for bigger government to keep the lefts pockets swelling. Another bait and switch from the left. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I wish i had four hands so i could give it 4 THUMBS DOWN

    1. Jim Cook says:

      And there you have it from the Trump supporters.

      1. John says:

        Ahhhh Jim Jim Jim….. If only i could have stayed the self deluded zombie i was indoctrinated by society to be, like you- how much simpler life would be!! Then i could just believe every last bit of propaganda, and bold faced lies that are given to people just like you everyday! You probably think Kennedy was shot from the depository window as well i suppose.. ah!!! to be utterly ignorant of any possibility that the people in charge (especially the libtards) might not have your best interest in mind…. how liberating that must be!!! To call anyone that questions the main stream narrative crazy, or insane, or paranoid….. go back to sleep Jim…. go back to sleep….

        1. Jim Cook says:

          I never knew that “bold faced lies” was a popular synonym for “facts based on empirical observation around the world as linked to in a corroborated data set.” The things we learn about language every day, my my.

  2. J Clifford says:

    John, you aren’t offering any facts to counter the information in this article.

    The solution to climate change is not to tell people that they’re zombies and need to wake up.

    The solution is to be responsible and work to make it better.

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