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By the Numbers: Trump Era Statistics, January 2017

3180: Senate bill number supported by Trump Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions that would strip away Americans’ Miranda rights, Habeas Corpus rights, and right to a trial by a jury of peers.

4: Number of times Jeff Sessions supported bills to limit free speech rights as a United States Senator.

0: Number of days in the month so far during which President-Elect Trump has avoided losing his temper on Twitter.  Trump’s latest Twitter temper-tantrum is an insistence that Georgia Rep. John Lewis — who laid his body on the line, getting beaten and thrown in jail multiple times demonstrating for basic civil rights — is “All talk, talk, talk – no action or results. Sad!”

7923: Number of “Excessive, Prohibited and Impermissible” campaign contributions to the Trump presidential campaign identified by the Federal Election Commission.

893: Number of web pages on the Neo-Nazi website Stormfront that use the declaration “Support Trump,” as of January 13 2017

500000: Number of downloads of the Indivisible guide for organizing grassroots resistance to Donald Trump and his congressional allies, as of January 14 2017

2: Number of members of the new Trump administration who have been caught engaging in acts of plagiarism within the past week.

276000: Margin by which the extent of Arctic Sea Ice in mid-January 2016 is lower than the Arctic sea ice extent in any other year on record (in units of square kilometers).

0: What Donald Trump proposes to do about any of this.

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