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The New Rule For Comparing Trump and Hitler: Bloom’s Law

2016 was the year that Godwin’s Law went out the window. The longstanding code of Internet speech, initially crafted in 1990, held that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches.” The implication was that comparisons to present-day politicians is an act of hyperbole.

Those were the days.

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump threw all the rules about acceptable political speech out the window. Suddenly, if a self-centered billionaire encouraged mob violence, mocked war heroes, spread crazy conspiracy theories, embraced white supremacists, crudely insulted colleagues to their face, and bragged about sexual assault on national television, it was no big deal. Trump’s supporters loved this lack of manners. They found it refreshing.

If, however, critics of Trump’s totalitarian racist nationalist policies pointed out that Trump was becoming disconcertingly reminiscent of Adolf Hitler, then Trump supporters stamped their feet in outrage. They complained that comparing Trump to Hitler was rude.

Rude? Oh dear me, we wouldn’t want to upset the tender souls who chant “Lock Her Up!” and “Make America White Again!”, would we?

Horace Bloom, the author of Trump and Hitler: A Responsible Consideration, has come up with a principle for understanding what brings the Trumpists to howl with indignation about the poor manners of noting the similarities of Hitler and Trump even as they dribble raw bigotry down their chins.

Bloom’s Law: There is an inverse relationship between the ability to coherently respond to comparisons of Trump and Hitler, and the vigor of objections asserting that Trump and Hitler is rude.

What that means is all too simple. Trump fans love rude. When they complain about people comparing Trump to Hitler, it isn’t because the comparison is rude. It’s because it they can’t challenge the comparison with facts and logic that they resort to fury about manners.

Just keep this in mind: The worst thing isn’t talking about the relationships between Nazi ideology and Trump ideology. The worst thing is to advance the Nazi ideology.

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