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Alternative Trump Inauguration Protest Ideas

If you are attending one of the many many many many protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump, not just in Washington DC? You can be fairly sure to see people doing the traditional protest stuff. They’ll be holding signs. They’ll be listening to speakers who tell them stuff they already know. The’ll be chanting, “Hey hey! Ho ho!”

These times call for protest methods that go beyond such rote tradition. Donald Trump is breaking the rules of political authority. The rules of political dissent need to be reimagined in response. Here are some of my favorites among the ideas I’ve seen:

Imperial March from Star Wars

At Noon, the time when Donald Trump becomes President, wherever you are, take out a portable speaker that works with your phone and play the Imperial March – the musical theme for Darth Vader from Star Wars.

There’s Only One Answer To Every Problem

If you’re a student, don’t walk out, but from noontime forward on Inauguration Day, give only one response to any question you are asked to answer: “The President says there are no facts.” When your teacher complains about your answer, just respond, “I didn’t say that. Why are you lying about me?”

Play Cards.

If you’re doing a sit in, bring some playing cards to pass the time – only make sure only to play games with no Trump.

Running Against Trump

Have you heard who’s running against Trump? Don’t march. Make your protest sprint through the streets, carrying anti-Trump signs and flags with you.

Agent Orange

Donald Trump has been associated with a color in a way that no other President ever has been. Use that as a source of creative inspiration. Wear orange. Carry orange. Eat Oranges.

Scatter Tic Tacs

Donald Trump has become infamous for talking about freshening his breath with Tic Tacs before he sexually assaults women. Bring Tic Tacs with you to the protest, and toss them in the air as you go. For extra flourish, make them orange.

Be The Scary Clown Donald Trump Wants To See In The World

Donald Trump came to power in a time of widespread paranoia about scary clowns. Heck, Trump is a scary clown. Enter your protest not in plain clothes, but as a troupe of clowns.

Got your own anti-Trump protest ideas? Share them below…

Update: A fantastically creative protest took place at the swanky restaurant in Trump Tower in New York City – a cough-in. People came in and sat down at the restaurant as if they were going to order meals, and then they began, one by one, to cough. The coughing grew until, eventually, it was clear that something unusual was going on. The protesters then began to hold up signs that read, “Trump care is making us sick!” It was an important point, aptly made.

3 thoughts on “Alternative Trump Inauguration Protest Ideas”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Just put on snowflake costumes.

    1. J Clifford says:

      When enough snowflakes come together, we can bring an entire city to a standstill.

      Those people who use “snowflake” as an insult take pleasure in the idea that human beings are identical commodities that can be exploited as a “resource” by those in power.

      I would think twice about associating yourself with those people, Mr. Hopfmann.

      1. FruityPebbles says:

        No two snowflakes are alike. They are not identical. You didn’t learn that in kindy?

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