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Trump and Pence Display Million Dollar Bribes At Political Establishment Party Tonight

What’s a little payoff between friends?

That’s the mood that the Republicans sweeping into the White House are asking us to take on as Americans discover that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are accepting massive bribes just two days before their inauguration as President and Vice President of the United States.

Well, when I describe these bribes as massive, you have to understand that’s how I see it as someone who isn’t a millionaire or a billionaire. Perhaps to one of Trump’s wealthy Cabinet members, this kind of corruption is just small time stuff.

Maybe, for them, taking million dollar checks from power brokers in exchange for the opportunity to have an “intimate policy discussion” with Mike Pence doesn’t seem like a big deal. To me, however, it seems like the most outrageous, blatant betrayal of ethics imaginable.

When Donald Trump asked American voters for their support, he promised that he would Drain the Swamp of corruption in Washington DC. Remember that?

Well, tonight, Mike Pence and Donald Trump are digging the swamp even deeper than before. They’re accepting so many bribes tonight that they’ve had to set up two separate events. There’s the high end bribery event, for which people pay between a half a million and a full million dollars to meet with Mike Pence, and a second, low end bribery event, at which people pay Trump merely in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for policy meetings with Trump’s nominees Cabinet positions.

What if you want to influence policy in the Trump White House, but you don’t have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around to invest in purchasing a meeting with Mike Pence?

Well, you could wait until one of those big Trump rallies comes to town, I suppose. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you could stand in line for hours hoping to get close enough to the stage for Trump to see you waving your hand frantically, as he walks off the stage to get on Air Force One to have more “intimate” meetings with paying customers.

One thought on “Trump and Pence Display Million Dollar Bribes At Political Establishment Party Tonight”

  1. Thomas McKirdy Sr says:

    Are there any current investigation of into this bribery thing.

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