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Map of April Protests Demanding Donald Trump Release His Tax Returns (1-29-17)

74% of Americans want Donald Trump to act like every other president in modern American history and release his tax returns. Donald Trump won’t do it. He has something to hide. Something that could be financial ties to Russia. Something that could be a lack of charity. Something that could be an investment in unethical business. Something that could be overseas sweatshop use. Something that could be corruption. Whatever it is, Donald Trump is violating the ethical standards of the presidency by hiding his tax returns.

It’s time to see those tax returns. And so Americans are organizing a series of Trump Tax Marches on April 15, 2017. They’re going to be all over the place, and we’re not just talking about places in the Northeast and the Pacific coast. Trump Tax marches will be held in the deep South, in the Midwest and in the Mountains too. Take a look for yourself at this map of locations for the Trump Tax Marches of April 15…

Map of Tax Marches, planned for April 15 2017, as of January 29, 2017

…and here are links to the most thorough set of known Tax March planning pages across the U.S.:

Nationwide: Washington, DC

Alabama: Birmingham

Arizona: Phoenix

Arkansas: Little Rock

California: Los Angeles, ModestoOakland, Palm Springs, San DiegoSan Francisco

Colorado: Denver

Florida: Fort Lauderdale, JacksonvilleOrlando

Georgia: Atlanta

Illinois: Chicago

Maryland: Baltimore

Massachusetts: Boston

Michigan: Ann Arbor, Marquette

Missouri: St. Louis

New York: New York City

North Carolina: Raleigh, Winston/Salem

Ohio: Cincinnati

Pennsylvania: Erie, Harrisburg, Philadelphia

South Carolina: CharlestonMyrtle Beach

Tennessee: KnoxvilleNewport

Texas: Austin

Utah: St. George, Salt Lake City

Virginia: Norfolk

Washington: Olympia, Seattle

Wisconsin: Milwaukee

Keep in mind, this map is just current as of April 15. You can expect the locations to expand further in coming days. For a good list of most of the locations of the Trump Tax Marches, visit

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