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Texas Mosque Set On Fire One Day After Trump Signs Anti-Muslim Executive Order

On Thursday, Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann hosted a meeting of anti-Islam activists at the Texas State Capitol Building in the city of Austin.

On Friday, Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting immigration in a way that was designed to discriminate against Muslims and provide elite status under the law to Christians.

The next day, a mosque in Victoria, Texas was burned down to the ground.

Are these events unconnected? An investigation of the fire by the Texas Fire Marshall and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is underway, so we may have some answers in a few days.

Perhaps the fire was accidental and not arson.

Perhaps anti-Muslim bigotry is so widespread under Trump’s example that anti-Islam events erupt spontaneously, without coordination.

Time will tell.

5 thoughts on “Texas Mosque Set On Fire One Day After Trump Signs Anti-Muslim Executive Order”

  1. J Clifford says:

    Just a note that this is the second mosque that has been burned down to the ground in Texas this month.


    Hopefully we will find out.

    1. Mona says:

      The cause hasn’t been determined yet but this author has someone tried and convicted for “setting” the fire.
      Read from other articles and you get quite a different story: it does not sound like it was deliberate at all “the congregation of about 140 has had few other problems and has enjoyed support from the city of about 115 miles southwest of Houston. He already has received offers of temporary quarters for the congregation to worship.”

      1. Horatio says:

        No, Mona, the author of this article has not tried and convicted anyone. The author of this article hasn’t even accused anyone.

        On the other hand, the “few other problems” that the congregation has had include break-ins and substantial harassment from the surrounding communities.

  2. Mona says:

    Btw, you fail to make the distinction between radical Islam and Islam. Unless you’re radical Islam, you shouldn’t be offended. If you are offended, then I begin to suspect that you’re a radical and using this to spread hatred and division.

    1. Horatio says:

      Mona, when did it become the job of the United States government to make distinctions between sects of religion, and then declare war against the religious sects whose theology it does not approve of?

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