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Arctic Ocean Waters Remain Open All The Way To Svalbard And Novaya Zemlya

In a year of zero terrorist attacks in the United States, Donald Trump has hurried to ban travel against Muslim Nobel Prize laureates, actors, and children, explaining that the drastic, unconstitutional ban is necessary to protect the United States from terrorist attacks.

When it comes to the real, significant threats facing the United States, Donald Trump has done nothing. He has taken no action to confront Russian attacks against the United States. He has done nothing to address the ever-widening channels of corruption that is compromising American democracy.

Donald Trump also taken no action to confront the grave dangers created by global climate change. Quite the opposite, Trump has moved to weaken regulatory practices that restrict the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into our planet’s atmosphere.

Arctic sea ice is already in a swift retreat from its usual surface area, and even more alarmingly, the remaining ice is becoming much thinner, suggesting that when the Arctic sea ice goes, it could be disappear fairly quickly. At the end of January, sea routes for boats to reach the far northern islands of Svalbard and Novaya Zemlya remain open. They are typically closed off by ice at this time of year.

A new analysis by the Basque Centre for Climate Change finds that, given the dramatic reduction in Arctic sea ice, efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change will need to be much more aggressive than had been anticipated just one year ago.

Donald Trump, however, is pulling back, making the U.S. response to climate change even weaker than it had been.

If Arctic sea ice could be identified as Muslim, would Trump pay attention to it then?

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