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GOP’s Bill Posey Proposes Increase In Debt And Deficit To Build A Moon Colony

Have you noticed that ever since Donald Trump was elected to the White House, Republicans don’t talk about the national debt or budget deficits anymore?

All of a sudden, the Republican ideology is to spend, spend, spend, spend, spend on frivolous projects, and let the grandchildren of today’s voters worry about the expense.

An example of the new loose attitude of Republican politicians with money came yesterday from Congressman Bill Posey, a Republican from Florida’s 8th congressional district. Posey stood up on the floor of the House of Representatives and introduced H.R. 870, legislation which would require NASA begin plans to create a permanent colony of human beings living on the Moon.

Posey has revealed no plan for coming up with the trillions of dollars it would cost the United States to build, populate, and repopulate a Moon colony. Living in outer space is not only extremely expensive, it’s also extremely dangerous to human health, because people in outer space aren’t shielded from radiation by the Earth’s magnetic field. The Moon spends most of every month outside of the magnetic field, meaning that anyone living on the Moon can expect to be dosed with high levels of radiation most of the time.

Representative Posey doesn’t seem to care much about the wellbeing of the human beings whose lives he would sacrifice to keep a permanently inhabited Moon base running. What’s more important to him is that there are great profits to be made for corporations working in the military industrial complex from a Moon colony project. These corporations, many of which are set up in Posey’s district and are regular financial contributors to Posey’s re-election campaigns, would take the lion’s share of the money spent to create and maintain a Moon colony.

At the same time that Republicans in Congress are proposing bills to set up toxic colonies on the Moon, they’re also introducing legislation to allow more corporate pollution here on Earth. The common denominator to these borrow and spend GOP bills: Do whatever it takes to increase corporate profits, regardless of the cost to the economy as a whole, or the cost to human life.

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