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Fox Censors Super Bowl Ad For Defying Fascism

Last night, during the Super Bowl, the Fox TV network censored an advertisement that was deemed “too controversial for television”. Portions of the commercial were edited out because they were judged by Fox’s censorship board to be too shocking to be broadcast.

What was so bad?

Advertisements that were accepted by Fox for the Super Bowl included messages with barbed wire wrapped around baseball bats to use as weapons to bash heads, explosions killing people, guns killing people, terrorism, torture chambers, and a huge range of bloody fist fights.

The banned portion of the advertisement showed the journey of a mother and daughter through central America to come to the United States, and their discovery that a wall blocks the border. A team of construction workers, however, using materials from 84 Lumber, had built a door enabling the wall to open.

What’s too controversial according to Fox TV was a simple, subtle message that it’s better to build doorways to help people overcome barriers than walls designed to shut people out.

In our Brave New World, fatal, brutal violence is deemed noncontroversial. Blowing things up is no big deal. What’s too controversial for television these days is any criticism of Donald Trump, no matter how gentle its expression.

Watch the full, uncensored advertisement at Journey 84.

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