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Like Satan’s Girl Scout Cookies: White House hawks Boss’ Daughter’s Third World Sweatshop Products

A seasonal annoyance in the pre-Trump workplace was Girl Scout cookie time: your boss or manager would wave an order form in your face for their daughter’s Girl Scout cookie drive and, for the sake of politeness and maybe your job, you’d have to buy a few boxes of thin mints. They don’t taste that good, but they don’t taste bad either, and at least they’re made in American factories where workers have some labor rights and protections.

In the Trump Era, we have to deal with a whole new level of the buy-junk-for-the-daughter-of-the-boss game, with lack of courtesy from White House adviser Kellyanne Conway:

“Go buy Ivanka’s stuff, that is what I would tell you — I hate shopping and I’m going to go get some myself today…. This is just, it’s a wonderful line. I own some of it. I’m fully, I’m going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today, everybody. You can find it online.”

Kellyanne Conway wasn’t making these remarks as a private citizen. She is an employee of the Donald Trump White House, using the backdrop of the White House and a U.S. Government American Flag to sell the boss’ daughter’s clothing line. When I say “backdrop,” I mean that literally. She made these remarks with the White House logo and the American flag on either side of her face:

White House employee Kellyanne Conway turns the White House into an outlet for Ivanka Trump's sweatshop-made clothing line.

Unlike Girl Scout Thin Mints, the clothes Ivanka Trump sells aren’t made in the United States where there is at least some basic guarantee of worker rights and pay. Instead, 130,000 pounds of Ivanka Trump shoes have been made in a sweatshop factory in China where shifts can stretch as long as 16 hours with only two days a month off. The only way to make a better profit shipping clothes halfway around the world is to pay workers much, much less than you would otherwise. And while Ivanka Trump used her father’s Republican Party presidential nomination to deliver a self-promoting speech in which she talked about the rights of women in the work, the actual women who work designing Ivanka Trump’s clothing line are not given even a single day of maternity leave. Not one piece of the Ivanka Trump clothing line sold in Macy’s stores is made in the United States, where workers’ rights are not perfect but at least have a reasonable floor. The latest news is those Ivanka Trump shoes won’t be made in China any more. No, they’ll be made in Ethiopia, because Ivanka Trump’s company figured out it could pay Ethiopians even less than Chinese workers, just a fifth of the already-abysmal Chinese sweatshop worker’s pay.

While President Donald Trump says he’s going bring jobs back to the United States, his administration is busy using its political power to promote his daughter’s business that pays its third-world workers a mere pittance. This is what Republicans mean when they talk about “moral values.”

3 thoughts on “Like Satan’s Girl Scout Cookies: White House hawks Boss’ Daughter’s Third World Sweatshop Products”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Like you, I have no interest in Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, and think it was either poor judgment or a naive mistake to even mention it during anything connected to official duties, but you are very wrong about Thin Mints. They are fabulous, and I have always felt good about being able to support the Girl Scouts while getting the benefit of having the fabulous cookies to eat for doing it.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Girl Scout Cookies: Boxes of mostly air and excessive plastic packaging, with a few mass manufactured “cookies”, giving Americans diabetes, sold with the cynical technique that no one likes to say no to little girls. Yuck.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        Still, preferable to Ivanka Trump’s sweatshop shoes.

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