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New Nationwide Study Shows Immigration Doesn’t Increase Crime

For a while now, Irregular Times has been documenting the stark discrepancy between right wing claims that immigration causes high crime rates and statistics that show crime rates decrease after waves of immigrants arrive in American communities such as Lewiston, Maine and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Now, a study by sociology professor Robert Adelman of the State University of New York at Buffalo shows nationwide what our review of local crime statistics has demonstrated in particular communities. Dr. Adelman looked at patterns in crime statistics from 1970 to 2010 and discovered that there is no correlation between the arrival of immigrants in a city and an increase in crime.

To the contrary of right wing claims, there are some crimes that consistently decrease after the arrival of immigrants. Dr. Adelman found that, “in fact, robberies, burglaries, larceny, and murder are lower in places where immigration levels are higher.”

crime and immigration study trumpThese facts are especially important now that Donald Trump is President. Trump has repeatedly expressed fear and hatred of immigrants from Mexico and from Muslim countries, making false claims that these immigrants commit crimes at high rates, when in fact they are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the United States. Over the weekend, Trump advisor Stephen Miller declared of Trump’s anti-immigrant plans that “The president’s powers here are beyond question,” and that “the powers of the President to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

Listening to Donald Trump and his advisors, one would presume that the United States is suffering from a terrible plague of crime by refugees and other immigrants, but no such thing is taking place. Crime rates are actually at low levels, and there has not been a single terrorist attack in the United States this year so far.

Americans who care about facts and want to think through solutions to our nation’s problems must observe that 1) There is no security problem that needs solving, and 2) Reducing immigration won’t increase American security, and just might weaken it.

3 thoughts on “New Nationwide Study Shows Immigration Doesn’t Increase Crime”

  1. Jack McCully says:

    Please take this comment as a light hearted observation. The Italian immigrants who arrived early in the last century did quite a lot to increase crime.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Jack, it’s actually a very problematic light hearted observation. SOME Italian immigrants contributed to crime. Most didn’t.

      I just can’t go along with the idea of prejudice being funny, no matter who it’s directed against.

      With extremist racists running the country, this kind of thing just can’t be said in a lighthearted way.

      1. Al Hopfmann says:

        Extremist racists have been running the country for a long time. I don’t expect Trump to change that. The people must speak up and force the federal and state governments to become truly colorblind.

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