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Who Else In The White House Has Been Blackmailed By Vladimir Putin?

Weeks ago, Donald Trump was sent a message by Acting Attorney General Sally Yates warning that the government of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin might be blackmailing National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Flynn, Yates told Trump, had been in unauthorized contact with a Russian diplomat, Sergey Kislyak, immediately after President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia. During his conversation with the Russian diplomat, Michael Flynn talked about lowering those sanctions once Trump was in office..

After receiving that message, Trump fired Yates for challenging the legality of Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslims.

Trump did nothing to punish Michael Flynn. Trump and his aides continued to lie about the events, telling Americans that Flynn had not talked with representatives of Vladimir Putin’s government about lowering sanctions.

Last night, Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Adviser. Just hours before that, Donald Trump had expressed “complete confidence” in Flynn.

Flynn’s job only came into peril after anonymous officials within the Trump Administration leaked the news about Flynn’s meeting with Kislyak. Before that, Flynn was secure.

Why? Why did Donald Trump keep a man suspected of being blackmailed by Russia as National Security Adviser?

What other serious security concerns about White House officials aren’t we being told about?

Who else in the White House, besides Flynn and Trump, are suspected of being blackmailed by Russia?

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