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Donald Trump’s Assistants Had Repeated Contact With Russian Spies During His Campaign

There’s so much going on between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin that it’s difficult to keep it all straight. It’s becoming apparent, however, that the issue of Trump’s strange relationship with Russia isn’t going to go away.

So, let’s try to survey the situation so far.

First of all, Donald Trump has made personal business trips to Russia. His son and business partner brags that Russian deals make up a disproportionate amount of the business being done by the Trump companies. Donald Trump has refused to divest himself from those businesses as President.

Trump had individual contact with Vladimir Putin before becoming a presidential candidate, but has since denied that those communications ever took place.

Trump has given extravagant praise to Putin, even defending Putin from accusations of assassination of political opponents and dissidents, saying that it’s not such a big deal if Donald Trump is a killer, because the U.S. isn’t really innocent either.

Trump has declared that NATO is obsolete and suggested if Russia invades and takes over the Baltic nations, the United States might not do anything to stop it.

In July of last year, Trump announced out of the blue that he would like it if Russian spies would attack the American election, criminally stealing information about Hillary Clinton and Democratic politicians, and sharing it with the American people so that he could win the election.

At just about that same time, spies working on direct orders from Russian dictator Vladimir Putin were attacking the American election, hacking into computers used by Democratic politicians, stealing information about Hillary Clinton and other Democratic politicians. The purpose of these attacks, 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed, was to ensure Donald Trump would win the presidential election. American intelligence agencies have audio recordings of Russian government officials congratulating themselves on electing Trump.

A former British intelligence officer who has been described as credible, conservative, and not prone to exaggeration, assembled a report in 2016 alleging that Trump was recorded on multiple occasions engaging in deeply embarrassing acts that the Russian government is holding over him as blackmail (kompromat), and that Trump served as an informant for Russian spies.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is under investigation for accepting payments directly from the Russian government.

For Secretary of State, Trump appointed Rex Tillerson, an oil company CEO who has had extensive contacts over the years with Vladimir Putin, and has even accepted a medal from the government of Russia.

Just after President Obama announced sanctions against Russia to punish it for attacking the 2016 election, Michael Flynn, who later became National Security Adviser but was at the time a senior adviser to Donald Trump and had no U.S. government position, contacted a Russian diplomat, apparently to reassure the diplomat that the sanctions would be lowered after Trump became President.

Last night, on top of all of this, the New York Times and CNN announced that they have both have independently been speaking to multiple sources within the Trump Administration acknowledging that U.S. intelligence agencies have solid evidence that many Trump aides were in contact with Russian spies and other Russian government officials, each on multiple occasions, throughout the 2016 campaign season, including around the time that Donald Trump asked Russia to attack the U.S. election. The aides who contacted Russian spies included both people working on his campaign and Trump business associates.

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