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Donald Trump is the Upside Down of Stranger Things

This week, when David Cicilline rose to express resistance to the cruel fascism being imposed by the White House under Donald Trump, he invoked the sinister threat depicted in the TV show Stranger Things. Cicilline explained, “Like the main characters in ‘Stranger Things,’ we are now stuck in the ‘Upside Down.’ Right is wrong. Up is down. Black is white. The White House deceives the American public for weeks about their contacts with Russia, but an Attorney General who followed her conscience is fired. Executive orders are signed to ban Muslims in order to keep us safe, while top secret national security conversations are held out in the open. President Trump showers praise on a thug like Vladimir Putin, while threatening and bullying our longstanding allies. President Trump signs an executive order to spend $20 billion on a border wall, while Flint, Michigan, still goes without clean drinking water.”

Is this a strange interpretation? Only in the best sense of strange.

At the end of last summer, Oliver Darcy noted the similarity between Donald Trump and the demogorgon of Stranger Things, writing that, “Like the monster, Trump too descended from the Upside Down world of politics. He hails from the shadow world of the trade where money is used to purchase influence. He plays dirty, takes no prisoners, and is immune to traditional methods of attack.”

Last month, when David K. Harbour spoke on behalf of the cast of Stranger Things upon receiving a Screen Actors Guild award, he declared the show’s defiance of the bullying bigotry that has become the hallmark of Donald Trump. See his speech in the video below.

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