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Climate News In A February Gone Crazy

Here’s the good news: Donald Trump has not decommissioned yet.

Here’s the bad news: The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting on that, by the end of this century, most of the United States will see a reduction in the number of days with pleasant weather (warm but not hot temperature and not too much rain) in the years to come due to climate change.

Climate change map 2100 NOAA

That’s important to remember, as the United States experiences a February with weather gone crazy. This month in Buffalo, New York, a city on the border with Canada, there will be more days with highs in the 50s than days with highs in the 20s. Not once this February will Buffalo have dipped below 10 degrees. New York City by the end of this February will have seen 6 days above 60 degrees. These are lovely days to spend outside in the northern United States, basking without a coat on. However, with warming temperatures, we will on the average pay the price for mild winters with baking hot summers.

All signs are that the pace of change in the planet’s climate is accelerating. The surface area of sea ice in the Arctic has been well below all previously seen record low records. Only 19.1 percent of the country is currently covered in snow. Typically, between 30 and 50 percent of the the USA has snow cover on this date.

National Snow and Ice Data Center

While all this is going on, Donald Trump has yet to reverse his assertions that anthropogenic climate change is a hoax. Trump has expressed his determination to have America burn more coal, even though it’s not economical to do so, and is preparing a series of executive orders that will eliminate the small advances made in dealing with climate change under Barack Obama.

2 thoughts on “Climate News In A February Gone Crazy”

  1. John says:

    Humanity is not capable of governing itself and is an complete failure right now “collectively” speaking. If all we can come up with is a petro chemical nuclear Industrial nightmare which will end in great calamity and already is. FUKISHIMA Daiichi Japan Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Irradiates entire Pacific Ocean and cause’s species die off. All existing Bluefin tuna are irradiated. The trump has these billionaire fundie Christians [who are not actually Christians] but are in reality just cheapskate wealthy people who hate our government and especially I.R.S. and wish to abolish all government social safety net programs including environmental protection ones.

  2. Ella says:

    The West Coast has seen heavier than normal monsoon rains and snow into this late winter, a reversal of the drought in the extreme. The Jet is still holding North of the position it has been in for centuries causing some destabilization in weather patterns, and heating of the rest of the country. How long will this last? People living it Greenland and Iceland probably would like to see it get warmer still. NOAA has a site that has put a positive spin on the global sea level rise. Entrepreneurs looking to develop new coastal area’s in certain southern and eastern states will find that coastal marsh has filled in and the new coastal area will be above sea level – essentially new beaches. There are of course many other less pleasant aspects to the new “weather” we have to look forward to.

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