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Confirmed Blackmail Against Trump and Manafort By Pro-Russian Ukranians

Just last month, the world learned about a British intelligence dossier assembled by a former MI6 spy, detailing what appeared to be a years-long collaboration between Donald Trump and Russia’s spy agency. The dossier alleged that spies working for dictator Vladimir Putin had assembled a kompromat – a portfolio full of shocking information to be used for blackmail – on Trump. Portions of that dossier have already been confirmed by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Today, what seems to be a separate attempt to blackmail Donald Trump was revealed, this one plot executed by pro-Russian Ukranian politicians. Materials hacked from the cell phone of Paul Manafort, and confirmed by him to be genuine, show an effort to blackmail both Manafort and Trump.

At the time the blackmail plot was executed, Manafort was Donald Trump’s presidential campaign manager.

One of the messages referred to Manafort as “Count” – a nickname long ago given to Manafort from Republican Party operatives. It reads:

“Honorable Count!

At the time of my investigation I have discovered bulletproof facts regarding the person – Ukraine resident whos signature is inside the Yanukovich accounting book and who was responsible for rendering assets to you personally for your consulting services during organized meetings.

One of such meetings with Donadl Trump took place on 06.17.2012 with close Yanukovich affiliate – governor of Cherkassy – Mr.S.Tulub.

Considering all the facts and evidence that are in my possession, and before possible decision whether to pass this to NABU or FBI I would like to get your opinion on this and maybe your way to work things out that will persuade me to do otherwise.

I think you and Mr Trump will work out a way to solve this problem of yours. Otherwise official investigation that will be reinforced by the facts that are in my possession will reach also the Federal Government.

With all respect


you can reach me at my iMessage (its encrypted) at”

A second message from read:

“I need to get in touch with Paul i need to share some important information with him regarding ukraine investigation

I actually have proofs that he received money

If I dont get any reply from you iam gonaa pass it on to the fbi and Ukranian authorities including media

Tell him he has 24 h before i leak all the shit to cops

As soon as he comes back to me i will pass you documents”

Pravda is the name of a Cold War Soviet government propaganda publication. All misspellings are grammatical mistakes are from the original messages.

“Mr.S.Tulub” in the first message refers to Serhiy Tulub, the Minister for Coal in the Ukranian national government. The first message appears to come from a pro-Russian member of the Ukranian parliament, Serhiy Leshchenko.

The fact that compromising information about any meeting between Donald Trump and Serhiy Tulub was not released to the media last year suggests that either Trump and Manafort complied with the demands of the Ukranian blackmailers, or that the blackmail plot failed in some other way.

It is not yet known whether Manafort and Trump agreed to the conditions of the Ukrainian blackmail.

It is also not yet known how many other foreign officials have compromising information about Donald Trump that could be used in a blackmail conspiracy to control his actions.

Many Republicans in Congress are still blocking attempts to investigate these blackmail plots.

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  1. frntncntr says:

    What!? Donald Trump the genius targeted for blackmail? But he’s so smart! lol.

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